Personal finance is not just about your numbers. It is about your behavior, habits, beliefs, and mindset.

Jennifer L​etran

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Financial Life, But Can’t Seem to Figure It Out?

  • You want to buy a new home or car but aren’t quite ready
  • You need help creating a budget.
  • You want to improve your credit.
  • You want to save money.
  • You don’t know where your money is going.
  • You want to reduce your debt.
  • You are confused and unsure of your financial future.
  • You need a second opinion.

Here’s the Truth:

Money is not just about looking at your numbers.

It will give results, but not the BEST outcome. 

In 2009, I started working in a bank as a Sales Officer and a Financial Wellness Speaker. 

Working in a bank for 8 years opened my eyes to the reality about five things:

  • Professionals working 8-5pm do not have enough emergency savings to cover themselves for three to six months

  • Most people, including self-employed individuals only knows how to keep their money and not making more of the money they keep

  • Credit card debt, loans is still prevalent and is continuously rising

  • Poor money mindset (i.e. Money is bad, selfish and not good for me) is common

  • Professionals still cannot soar with their finances by asking for a pay rise or by charging more (under-earning)

What I also learned is, no matter how we express the importance of budgeting, paying yourself first, saving and investing, people cannot still change their money habits.

These habits are ingrained automatic behaviors that were formed in us at a very young age. And within these habits are a set of beliefs that we ought to know is TRUE.  

Unfortunately, not all habits are resourceful and identifying the underlying beliefs and behaviors that shape your habits is key to your financial success.

As a Money Coach, I help you with the Emotional + Practical side of money.  If this resounded a lot to you.

Then you are in the RIGHT PLACE.

I show busy professionals working 8to5 how to get rid of financial stress and breathe again.

I'm the Money Coach for Professionals and through Money Coaching:

You will know your Unique Money Personality so you can understand your underlying patterns and behaviours around money and how they are impacting you personally and financially 

You will learn to Own Your Money Story so you can make peace with the past and move forward with abundance.

You will know your Money Spending Decision Pattern to help you become mindful about how you spend.

You will stop your habitual money mistakes and Overcome Money Challenges should they arise.

You will start taking Practical Steps to finally make friend with your finances and love them again.

You will tap in to your Genius Zone and Special Powers that are most valuable to you and know how to leverage them to achieve your highest potential .



I know you have big financial dreams in your heart that you want to make a reality!

My money coaching program will guide you towards  achieving your life’s most meaningful money goals.

You'll also achieve better management and understanding of your own self and emotions relative to money,  so you can achieve lasting success, fast.


I'm Jennifer. At the age of 7, my father left us.

That defining moment, taught me how to become independent and resilient. I cannot remember how I learned how to be good with money. But somehow, I love the thought of always having something whenever I needed it.

I guess my rebellious side wanted to show the world that women can become independent and self-sufficient even without a man to help.

I had my share of financial mistakes, I experience losing money, being fooled with my own money, losing at the stock market and buying a real estate only to sell it at a lost.

Through it all, I learned 1 thing. Forget the mistake, learn the lesson and bounce forward wiser.



  • Clarify the results that you want in your finances.
  • Find out exactly where you're at in your life right now.
  • Uncover the obstacles that is keeping you from creating the outcomes that you want to achieve.
  • Discover how we can work together to accomplish your financial goals.



  • Identify Your Core Values
  • Know the 7 Deadly Mistakes in Goal Setting
  • Create Your Life Vision Map
  • Prepare an Action Plan that Works
  • Increase your Productivity
  • OOvercome Procrastination
  • Know the Power of Accountability
  • Discover the SMARTER Goal Setting Formula



Kate Walton Fertility Coach

I would highly recommend her as a money coach!

I’ve recently completed a money/finance coaching package with Jennifer & I’m so pleased I committed to the process 😊

Before we started I was feeling really overwhelmed & out of control with finances & how to move forward. I now feel like “I’ve got this” & more in control with how to move forward & how not to fall into old habits.

Jennifer was super friendly, helpful & insightful & also intuitive. I would highly recommend her as a money coach!

Ybrahim Camero Life Coach

Now after understanding and discovering a lot of things, I am more confident than ever that I can definitely achieve my financial goals.

I have the fantastic opportunity to work with Jennifer as my Money Coach, it was the first time that I actually decided to face this situation as I was feeling totally stuck and confused about my financial situation, carrying with me a heavy load of thoughts and beliefs that were actually not helping me at all.

During this fascinating journey with Jennifer, I could understand the origin of those beliefs, which was a great breakthrough as for me understanding is solving and more important moving forward.

Jenniffer was always there asking the right questions and making me feel understood and respected.

Now after understanding and discovering a lot of things, I am more confident than ever that I can definitely achieve my financial goals.

Darija Fatovic Stress Release Coach

I am on day 65 of doing, feeling and being with my new money mantra and it feels great. I can see myself succeeding as a profitable business that helps many as opposed to just giving my power away.

My name is Darija and I am a first aid trainer and stress release coach.

I found it difficult to ask for payments and even the money I was owed. I had such a hard time receiving money or anything else. This has been affecting my work and the quality of my life.

During my coaching with Jennifer, I always felt safe and supported, yet also moving out of my comfort bubble and linear thinking about how I have to fix something in me. I became hopeful and as a perfectionist allowed myself to take one small step towards building a better relationship with money and wealth in my life.

I am on day 65 of doing, feeling and being with my new money mantra and it feels great. I can see myself succeeding as a profitable business that helps many as opposed to just giving my power away. I am more open to receiving and opportunities are coming my way. Like breathing, I now know I need to breathe in first in order to breath out. So I am learning to take care of myself first and my life is changing for the better.

I love working with Jennifer as she gave me a simple enough task, so I could succeed and show myself that it is possible for me and I can do this. I can finish things and I deserve to receive all the good things I desire. Thank you for being loving and kind and listening to me and not overwhelming me. I am very grateful for your support and this growth opportunity.

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