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Get Smart to the emotional triggers that cause you to spend money without thinking.

Feel whole and complete by uncovering your Own Money Story

Achieve your financial goals Faster because you have someone Accountable for you.

Express Yourself Fully and be listened to without judgement.

Uncover your Unique Money Personality that will help you navigate your money patterns

Take practical steps with ​your finances with More Ease, Confidence and Fun. 

Tap in to your Genius Zone and Special Powers that are most valuable to you and know how to leverage them to achieve your highest potential .


In 2009, I started working in a bank as a Sales Officer and a Financial Wellness Speaker. 

Working in a bank for 8 years opened my eyes to the reality about five things:

  • Professionals working 8-5 pm do not have enough emergency savings to cover themselves for three to six months
  • Most people, including self-employed individuals only knows how to keep their money and not making more of the money they keep
  • Credit card debt, loans is still prevalent and is continuously rising
  • Poor money mindset (i.e. Money is bad, selfish and not good for me) is common
  • Professionals still cannot soar with their finances by asking for a pay rise or by charging more (under-earning)

What is also surprising is this: No matter how we express the importance of budgeting, paying yourself first, saving and investing, a lot of people are still struggling.

That is when I realised this:

Managing your money is not about numbers. It is about your beliefs, behaviours and mindset surrounding it.

One day, I met Tony. He was having a hard time to budget his money. He tried to do everything.
He went on seminars. He read personal finance books. Nothing helped him. He felt bad. He thought he was not good enough. And then, we met. Something happened. It was not because of what he is "doing." It was actually because of what he was thinking.

Because here's the truth:  The results you have with money is a reflection of your  underlying beliefs and behaviors around money.
“If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.”

As a Money Coach, this is what I do.

When we know that our Financial Choices is not just about numbers but a personal relationship with money, we can change the way we see money and how we use our money. - Jennifer Letran

Why Work with Me?

I'm Jennifer. At the age of 7, my father left us.

That defining moment, taught me how to become independent and resilient. I cannot remember how I learned how to be good with money. But somehow, I love the thought of always having something whenever I needed it.

I guess my rebellious side wanted to show the world that women can become independent and self-sufficient even without a man to help.

I had my share of financial mistakes, I experience losing money, being fooled with my own money, losing at the stock market and buying a real estate only to sell it at a lost.

Through it all, I learned 1 thing. Forget the mistake, learn the lesson and bounce forward wiser.


My biggest wins? I think closing down my St George Credit card was a great step, and also identifying my Top 8 Money Values.

Hi Jen,

No, thank you because you have helped me greatly, so I should be thanking you for being part of my Life's journey.

I am very glad to provide feedback:

I came to you because I saw your FB page on Money Orange and after reading it, I believe you could help me manage my finances. My biggest financial challenges were the credit card debts and living paycheck to paycheck, but through our sessions we managed to identify my limiting Money Beliefs and Values, and came up with solutions on how to turn them into positive Beliefs and Values. I also discovered that my spending does not reflect my Money Values, and this has given me a guide on how I should spend my money, moving forward.

My biggest wins? I think closing down my St George Credit card was a great step, and also identifying my Top 8 Money Values. I certainly have emerged more optimistic and hopeful regarding financial wellbeing, and thank you so much for your detailed feedback. Most importantly, it is ok to have a desire to accumulate wealth and it is nothing to be ashamed of. In some cases, God has blessed rich people.

Money = My Potential. The 3 positive affirmations:

1) I am living for the future

2) I am confident/bold about money

3) I am positive about money

I liked how you follow up with me and kept me up to date with your inspiring affirmations for the day.

I would gladly recommend MoneyOrange via Facebook, and even on my LinkedIn NewsFeed.

Sean Tan

I would highly recommend her as a money coach!

I’ve recently completed a money/finance coaching package with Jennifer & I’m so pleased I committed to the process 😊

Before we started I was feeling really overwhelmed & out of control with finances & how to move forward. I now feel like “I’ve got this” & more in control with how to move forward & how not to fall into old habits.

Jennifer was super friendly, helpful & insightful & also intuitive. I would highly recommend her as a money coach!

Kate Walton
Fertility Coach

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