10 Powerful Work Affirmations for Busy People

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10 Powerful Work Affirmations for Busy People

It was in June 2018. I remember how I was so anxious and afraid of working for the first time in Australia. My feet were heavy while I was alighting the train. The view of the Opera House and the breeze coming from the ocean somehow appeased me.


While walking towards my work, I can hear my heart beating fast. I know this is a new start again. I have to deal with a new culture, a new environment.


Out of the anxiety, fear and lack of self-confidence during that time, I collected 10 Powerful Affirmations and I say this to myself every day before I start work.


These 10 Affirmations helped me a lot, so I wanted to share it with all of you. You can revise it, change it or tweak it to make it more powerful and meaningful for you.


  1. Not knowing you can’t do something, is sometimes all it takes to do it.


This reminded me that it is OKAY to be a beginner. It is okay not to know everything right away. It is okay that you cannot do anything.


This helped me realised to come from a place of humility and unlearning. Because when you know, you cannot do something, it’s your STARTING point just to do it.


We all have our starting point anyway. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do, you just have to begin because we all start somewhere.



  1. The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit of doing them.


If you want to be happy, do your work to contribute to the team. It is not all about your tasks, your scorecard or your KPIs. When everyone is doing their part, and when everyone knows that they are contributing to a bigger goal, it makes the load easier. It makes work faster. It erases envy and comparison.


So do your work in silence and let life reward you quietly. Offer help when needed. After all, no one gets successful in doing everything by themselves and taking every credit for themselves.


  1. You know more than you think you do.


We always judge and criticize ourselves for our weakness. We even focus on what we cannot do. The truth is, you know more than you think you do. You have a unique set of strengths that only you have. You have something in your mind that no one else can think of. Instead of dwelling on your weaknesses. Ask yourself, What are my thoughts in this situation? Was there any experience in my life where I have overcome this same problem? What are my strengths? What is it that I am pretending not to know about myself?


Once you answered these questions, you will understand that you have your own power within you. You just need to allow yourself to “access” it.


  1. The most effective way to do i is to do it.


At work, we will be given a lot of tasks. Some maybe something that we have been already doing. Some are something we have just learnt.


Most of the time, we become “paralyse” on what to do next, like:


-The right words to type in the email

-The right response to say to your boss

-The correct approach


But effectiveness is not just about accuracy. Effectiveness also means managing your time well and accomplishing things.


You have just to DO IT and be willing to be corrected. If you keep on trying to make it “perfect,” you will not only waste your time, you will also learn at a slower rate.


So just DO IT the best way that you can and stop overthinking.



  1. The very first step towards success in any occupation is to become interested in it.


This one is very powerful. I remembered one of my former boss who told me that, “You will not automatically like your job, but along the way, you will find reasons why you love it.”


I guess it is really about perspective. If we want to be successful towards anything like our present occupation, we have to find ways to become interested in it.


We have to find ways on how this job is making us think, making us happy, making us more experienced and knowledgeable.


It is finding meaning on what we do — looking at the bigger picture. And this does not mean that you need to force yourself to like it. I am just saying here that, you applied for this job in the first place so there might be something in it that you were interested with.


If you cannot seem to find it, try searching. Because no matter what job or occupation you are in, may it be working for others or working on your own. Unless you are interested and passionate about what you are doing, you will never be successful.



  1. Don’t compete with them; let them compete with you.


I love this so much! I use this every time I feel like I am comparing myself. This powerful statement helps me to realise to be at the cause of what is happening around our work environment.


It’s not about competing with them. It’s about giving your best and creating your benchmark for success.


You measure success based on what you have previously achieved, and this makes them compete with you, rather than you, competing with them.



  1. I trust in myself, and I trust in the process. Therefore, I can do this.


Just believe in yourself. Trust yourself enough to build your credibility. Work might be hard. Growth might not be available right away but stay the course.

Just trust your journey and believe in your capacity. Always remember that everything takes time, but you can do it! You can do it.


  1. Every experience is a learning experience; there is no fail.


Do not be afraid to commit mistakes. Do not be mad if your boss told you that you did something wrong. You are not the mistake. So do not label yourself as a failure.

Every experience is a learning experience.

If you were reprimanded, if you emailed something wrong, if the report you sent didn’t go out as planned, if a product is delivered to the wrong client or you presented a piece of wrong information in the meeting, do not be hard on yourself.

Everything is just experiences and lessons learned to make you wiser, better and grittier.

No failure means no growth. So just embrace every experience with arms wide open whether good or bad.


  1. Having a fear of nervousness means that I fully care about the outcome and want to do well, so just do it.


There will be a lot of times that you will feel that you are not the right person for the job. Sometimes you might also wonder why something big was assigned to you.

You may also question yourself, “Why me?.”

But beyond this self-doubt, the reason that you might have some fear is that you just want to do well. You do not want to let down your colleagues or your boss. The truth is, you really care and that you just care so much.

So stop feeling nervous and do it. Just do it, and your nervousness and fear will slowly go away. Action always erases any fear no matter how small it is.


  1. When you give your BEST, God will take care of the rest.


I always believe that there is a Divine Person that looks after us. Whether you believe in God or not, I always know for myself that when you give your best, life will always reward you.

Surprises happen, and opportunities suddenly open up.

Sometimes, you are exhausted from your work, and you wanted to give up, but suddenly, something amazing happened along the way.

It might not always be related to your work but think about the other aspects of your life.

I always believed that when you GIVE your best, life has its way to manifest its abundance to you in all shapes or form.

It can be more wealth; it can be better health, maybe a promotion, maybe a wonderful vacation. No matter what that might be, give your BEST and let the Divine Force around you do the REST to help you achieve your goals.


I hope this article empowered you, motivated you and inspired you! Share it to someone you know who might just need to hear and read this.


If you have something to add or to say, feel free to make comments. I always welcome healthy conversations.


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