12 Questions You Should Start Asking Yourself

12 Questions You Should Start Asking Yourself


It is not the answer that enlightensbut the question. – Eugene Ionesco


Remember a moment in your life where you are listening to your professor. You are very eager to learn until she said something that you cannot understand.


You want to raise your hand and clarify, but it seemed that you are the only who did not get it and you feel that it would make you look stupid if you did.


I have experienced this in my life, as well. But not until I understood the effect of leaving yourself confuse because of not asking.


Not gaining an understanding of something important for you can lead to confusion, frustration and sometimes even stress and more misunderstandings.


That’s why asking questions should always be part of your life.


But we are not just dealing with questions about work or questions about a topic.


The most important question you should start doing now is the difficult questions you should be asking yourself so you can know yourself better.


Do you know that life coaching is a 2.8 billion industry? And the reason why it’s growing is that life coaches ask you the most important questions about your life that we often forget to ask ourselves.


Most of the time, we avoid these questions because we do not want to know the truth behind the answers. But without knowing the truth and having an awareness of what is sitting behind that question, we can never grow as an individual, and we can never understand ourselves better.


If you will never ask yourself the question, “What do I want in my life?” Then, you will live your life just doing “anything” in your life. If you never ask yourself the question, “What do I look for in a partner?” Then, you will just be dating anyone. If you will never ask, “How much money should I earn so that I can feel abundant? Then, no amount of money can satisfy you.

You see, questions help you understand the criteria and principles you already have in your life, or you might not be even aware of.

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, he shared almost 60 questions to evaluate your life. A self-analysis as how he described it.

Out of the 60 questions, I have rooted out 12 Questions that are significant to ask ourselves every day.

And here are they:


  1. To which do you devote most of your time? Thinking of success or failure?

Let’s face it. Most of the time, we think of the ways on how things won’t work or how people will not be engaged to our ideas or actions. This question will help you understand if you are giving yourself the support it needs, or you are just your own worst self-critic.

  1. Are you gaining or losing in self-confidence as you grow older?

Confidence is something we gain through continuous self-improvement and through actions. As we grow older, one of the major factors that give us confidence is clarity about who we are, where we want to go and who do we want to become. Without knowing these things and without focus, it’s hard to feel confident because we are unsure. So ask yourself, have you gained more confidence through time? What are the ways you can cultivate confidence and clarity in your life?

To share, when I have learned about what I want to do in my life which is coaching and helping people, my confidence built up because I am sure of what I want to do. And because I have clarity and certainty, showing up for something I like to do inspires me and gives me that confidence naturally.

  1. Do you have a definite major purpose and if so, what it is and what plan do you have for achieving it?

Too many people dream, but few people plan and act on them. It’s good to ask yourself this question every day. And even if you do have a plan already, reading this will enable you to ask yourself if you have the actionable steps to move you in your dreams further.

  1. Has today added anything of value to your stock of knowledge or state of mind?

This question blew my mind! How often do we ask this question? And how guilty are we of not being able to maximise our day by using it productively? These questions have two parts. Knowledge and Mental state. It means that it is not just about what we are learning. It is also about how we are managing our mindset, as well.

  1. Name 3 of your most damaging weaknesses, and what are you doing to correct them?

We should focus on our strengths. We all know that. But it’s great to know your weak points and find ways on how to solve them. So that when these weaknesses arise, you have a shield that you can use for yourself to deflect that weakness and move on. So, list down your 3 weaknesses now and create 3 possible ways to correct or even address them.

  1. Does your occupation inspire you with faith and hope?

What are you currently doing as work? We might not initially like our occupation, but if it gives you that hope and faith, then it might be worth staying. Ask yourself this question every day, and from time to time, you might have different answers that will help you to know what kind of work inspires you.

  1. How much time of your 24 hours do you devote for
    1. Your Occupation
    2. Sleep
    3. Play and Relaxation
    4. Acquiring Useful Knowledge
    5. Plain Waste

This is self-explanatory. But to expand, I believe doing what you love and spending your time with people you love falls into the category of Play and Relaxation.

Ask yourself this question and check if there’s a balance. You might be focusing too much in one area that you have forgotten the others. Option E, of course, is something we should avoid.

  1. What is your greatest worry? Why do you tolerate it?

We all have worries in life. Don’t we? But asking yourself this question will initially dissolve that worry. By asking yourself why do you tolerate it, it will give you a choice to either sit with it or just let it go and just control what you can control as of today, the present moment, the now. The now where you are just reading these letters I am typing and becoming more aware of the font of it, the colour, the text, the message.

  1. What is your greatest desire? How much time daily do you devote to acquiring it?

I always wake up reading my life vision. Whatever your greatest desire is, start writing it down in a piece of paper. Read it aloud or in your mind first thing in the morning then look at the three major goals you wish to do for this year and the steps needed to help you move closer to that.

  1. Do you finish everything you begin?

Our energy is directly proportional to the things that we have yet to finish. What have you been putting off? Finish those tasks now.

Ask yourself this question every day so you will be reminded to finish things first before starting another one.

  1. Do you learn something of value from all mistakes?

List down three mistakes you think you have made this year and check what you have gained from it. I like this question because I believe that every mistake has a value, wisdom, a great benefit to which you can learn.

  1. Have you learned how to create a mental state of mind with which you can shield yourself against all discouraging influences?

Our environment is our greatest trigger. No matter how calm or peaceful you are as a person, if someone triggered you and push your buttons and you are not prepared, you will be reactive than being more responsible for your actions.

It pays to list down all triggers that may cause you to act negatively as well as to list down people, certain situations or events that discourage you. Then ask yourself, “What mental state of mind should I have when these things happened? How will I respond to, so I am still in control of the event?”

That’s it.

So, what other meaningful and powerful questions you think you should ask yourself more?

I leave that to you.

Hopefully, these questions opened up your mind and awareness about how you can know yourself better and how you can deal with your life better.


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