2019 Year-End Review and How To Set Goals for 2020

It’s this time of the year again where everyone feels excited and nervous.

Excited for another year. 

Excited for new goals, excited for new beginnings, excited for creating your new list of things to do, places to go, experiences to enjoy and people to meet.

We are all so excited that we forget to do this 1 important thing before stepping into doing all of this so-called new year’s resolution.

That 1 important thing is your own year-end review of 2019. 

While there may be a lot of ways to do this, it would be best to ask yourself first this question:

What does being successful and contented means to me for these aspects of my life?

  1. Relationship
  2. Career
  3. Finances
  4. Spirituality
  5. Growth
  6. Health
  7. Family

After asking yourself that question, it would be great to look back from the beginning of January 2019 and slowly take note of everything that has happened to you.

The 8 questions below will guide you.

1. What are my goals for this year?

2. What is my greatest achievement for this year (reflect each area of your life and be as specific as possible)?

3. What are my biggest challenges?

4. From 1-10, how satisfied I am in ending this year?

5. What are the valuable lessons I learned this year: lessons and mistakes.

6. What are the valuable lessons I learned about myself this year?

7. What are you most grateful for this year?

8. What’s the most important skill/ability as well as the personal value would you like to take this 2020 to guide you?

Below are my own year-end review and I am more than happy to share this with you:

  1. My Top Goals for this Year:

-To become an ICF Certified Coach

-To earn $2000 per month at least from a paying client for my business

-To launch my first workshop or group coaching program

-Get my driver’s license

-Find a job where I can do what I want -Teach

2. My achievements this year:


-I have done more than 100 hours of coaching

-I have coached 16 people from different parts of this world this year

-I have been awarded a scholarship for my Money Coaching program

-I have finished my Certified Money Coaching program

-I am now a Certified NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

-I was accepted to become a Tutor at the Macquarie Community College

-I have invested in a Business Coach

-I have read 12 books this year

-I joined Toastmaster

-I was elected as a Toastmaster officer for our club and re-elected recently as well

-I was awarded best speaker, best table topics and best evaluator at our Toastmaster Club

-I have done 3 public speaking speech at our Toastmaster Club

-I have helped one of my coaching clients to close off his credit card debt in one of his credit cards

-All the testimonials I received from all the clients I have coached.


-I have been awarded as an Employee of the Month at my work

-I have received a salary increase and outstanding performance appraisal for my work


-I have cooked for my husband this year than last year (haha!)

-We have both joined 2 church programs this year and finished it

-We have both attended Mass regularly


-Opened my first Australia Stock Market account

-We bought our first real estate property in the Philippines

-Closed off one my credit card debts

-Invested my salary mostly towards personal development


-Finished the Alpha Program this year in our Church

-Finished Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible program this year in our Church

-Volunteered as an Alpa Facilitator this year

-Volunteered as a Gospel Teacher this year for kids during mass


Maintained my 65kgs weight and not exceeding that before this year ends


-Paid for our condominium dues in the Philippines for this year to help my mom

-Paid for my mom’s ticket to go here in Australia

-Spent time to speak with my mom every day even if we are apart

-Spent time to always speak with my siblings

-Spent time to get to know my niece from my husband’s side

3.  What are my biggest challenges?

-Learning to trust more my husband’s decision, becoming more submissive and putting my faith in him

-Focusing on my coaching business whilst having a very stressful full-time work

-Marketing my coaching program and getting more paying clients

-Being consistent with my content and showing up more regularly to my clients

-Waking up earlier

-Exercising daily

-Finances are a bit strained due to a huge real estate investment in the Philippines

4. From 1-10, how satisfied I am in ending this year?


5. What are the valuable lessons I learned this year: lessons and mistakes.

  1. You have to write your goals so you know where you are and so that you can have a realistic year-end review.
  2. Big wins or small wins are wins. Never forget to celebrate every small achievement that comes along the way
  3. There will be trade-offs always. Make sure you choose activities or goals that are really important to you
  4. Be compassionate to yourself. You are not in a race with other people. You define your own success.
  5. Make allowances for mistake because if you always strive for perfection, you will never accomplish anything.
  6. Be open to learning and stay humble. Listen and learn from others and take lessons that you think will be valuable to you.
  7. Never forget to include your spouse in your plans because you are a team.
  8. Success is not easy and there are no shortcuts
  9. Time is really valuable
  10. Never sacrifice your health and make self care a priority
  11. Money is energy. The more you give it and use it efficiently, the more fulfilled you are

6. What are the valuable lessons I learned about myself this year?

  1. I have always been comparing myself with other people. I. learned that I should trust my own abilities. Love my own uniqueness and be confident
  2. I have been very selfish and had high expectations for my husband. I learned that I should be more realistic and accepting of what my husband can offer and give and be more submissive to him and have faith.
  3. I have had a scarcity mindset. I noticed this every time I try to think to invest in yet another program. What I learned is that, I have to trust the abundance of the universe. I have to look at debt, not as a bad thing but as I leverage I can use now so that I can improve and build better habits. Just a caveat though that you still have to be cautious and aware of your finances.
  4. I have learned to decide faster as I have always been fickle-minded. I learned that if I want something, I should go for it. I should stop questioning myself and my own decision and trust my own gut.
  5. I have learned to buy things for myself and never be guilty about it. I thought money is there to keep me safe but learning to enjoy what you are earning is part of financial freedom. It’s a balance between investing, saving and spending as well as giving.
  6. I have learned to put myself FIRST. I don’t mind what other people will be thinking or saying about me. What is important is that I do my best to take care of myself, the people I love, the things that matter to me more than anything else.
  7. I have to still trust myself and my gut, especially when making decisions about investing my money. I have always been the not so decisive one but needless to say, my style had always been focusing on two choices then decide. This year, I’ve decided to invest with someone even if my heart tells me to invest in another coach. It’s because I listened to my husband more than I trusted my own judgement. My lesson here is to really trust myself especially if the decision is for myself.
  8. I have learned that I should focus on just one thing and remove all distractions. One goal, one mentor, one program, one habit. I have learned that too much will result in nothing.
  9. Lastly, I have learned not to expect too much from people. That at the end of the day, I also need to do the work and not everyone will take care of you as much as you can take care of yourself. It’s really self-love in everything and that includes taking care of your own needs: emotionally, physically, spiritually, psychologically and physiologically. It means sleeping early, doing what you love, eating well, exercising, not criticising yourself, making your self your own best friend and honouring the commitment and promises you told yourself.

7. What are you most grateful for this year?

Honestly, I am grateful for the challenges I had the experience, especially in our married life particularly about our finances.

I learned a lot of things when it comes to planning together as husband and wife, being at the same pace and even adjusting to a lot of unexpected events.

I am also grateful for the gift of friends this year. I have met wonderful people this year. New Filipino families and new friends from Toastmasters as well a handful from my work.

I am also grateful for the gift of my own family especially my mom and siblings. Even if we are not together, they are always there.

Lastly, I am grateful just for the blessings.

There were a lot of difficulties that we have faced as a couple but God did not abandon us. He always made a way to make things work. He always provided us with everything that we need. He was and is always there for us.

8. What’s the most important skill/ability as well as the personal value would you like to take this 2020 to guide you?

For the skill/ability, I think that I would be using my skill or ability to network to meet more people and new people. A lot of people had approached me to say that I have this very warm and bubbly personality. I guess I can leverage that.

For the personal value, I would focus on the value of integrity and that’s honouring my words and promises I say to myself. Doing what I said I want to do.

That’s it for my year-end review.

Now that you and I have finished this, we can now look into the goals that we want to accomplish for 2020.

In creating your goal for the next 12 months, I want you to list down the top 10 goals you want to achieve.

Out of those 10 goals, choose the top 3 most important goals. Highlight and encircle it.

After doing this, write down the “reasons” why these goals are important for you. You have to list down why and put as many reasons as you can. 

If it is not important, there is no use in working on those goals. Create goals that really inspire you, challenge you and excite you.

Now I want you to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who do you need to be to achieve these goals?
    1. What are you going to do today to “be” the right kind of person?  
    2. What specific character quality or skill are you going to work on?  
    3. What are you going to listen to or read?  
    4. Who are you going to spend time with that will help you “be-come” the right kind of person?
  1. What actions are you going to “do” today so that you can expect to “have” the things that matter?

Would it be waking up earlier? Going to bed by 9 pm? Scheduling your priorities and making sure that every priority has allocated time for it?

3. Who are the role models that you can look into towards achieving these goals? What habits do they have that you can mirror in your own life?

4. Lastly, how will you measure your progress? Will you be making a month-end review? Will you be looking for an accountability partner? Will you be focusing on the number of your sales? The number of your discovery calls? The conversion rate of your blog and email list? You have to know the numbers of your goals. You have to know your parameters. You have to know what you are aiming for.

Remember that:

“What gets measured gets managed.” 

I hope this year-end review would help you in making your own review.

At the end of this year, I want you to focus on yourself. Focus on your own achievement. Do not compare. We all have our own different definition of success.

You’re the only one who knows if “what’s done is done.”

I am closing this year with gratefulness, hope and faith. I can confidently say now that 2019 is a done year for me. I have no regrets, only lessons.

I hope 2019 is a year that has ended well now for you.

If there’s something that you have not let go of this year, you might want to read this article about letting go.

Remember, I believe in you and I am proud of you. You did well. The past has ended. Today is a new day. Make it count. Forge a better future by focusing on what’s important today. Enjoy the  process and just love every moment.

Happy New Year! Happy 2020!



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