February 23

3 Money Mindset Shifts to Help you be Financially Free


3 Money Mindset Shifts to Help you be Financially Free

February 23, 2020

Lately, I have been thinking of how I can better help you understand that money is mind work.

It’s not about just knowing the difference between saving or investing but it’s deeper than that.

As a money coach, I will share to you probably the 3 most important money mindset shifts you can do today.

You might not even be aware of this but once I start telling these mindset shifts to you, you will realise what you were missing all this time that’s keeping you in the same place.

Let’s start.

1. Avoiding your Money is Not the Solution

I hear a lot of people say that when it comes to money, they want to bury their head in the sand. It’s making them nervous, scared etc..

But here’s the thing, when you avoid a problem, there’s still a problem. Avoiding something doesn’t make it go away.  Running away from your problem is a race you will never win.

When it comes to money, we have to start facing the problem at hand before it gets more complicated.

You have to stop ignoring your debts and financial struggles and start checking your bank account, looking at your credit card statements and checking letters of your loan.

The number 1 reason why you need to face your money problems is that you are responsible for it. It’s your own money. It’s an accomplished result you did for yourself and no one can help you but yourself.

The moment you start facing your money problems is the moment you will become aware of it. And when you become aware it, you can now choose what to do about it rather than keeping yourself stuck in the unknown.

2. Choose Today

Decide at this moment to say YES to financial freedom. Decide now to act on what you can do. If you can start saving, do it now. If you can start investing, do it now. If you can start learning about money, real estate, personal development etcetera, do it now.

Every time you choose to delay the financial decisions that will lead you to more growth, you are wasting more time, more resources and more opportunity for your money to work for you.

Those who start today and those who start early can benefit more from the power of compounding interest rate and the power of appreciation.

As what Simone de Beauvoir said, Change your life today, don’t gamble in the future. Act now without delay.


3. You can want Money and still be Good

Our religion or maybe our culture had taught us that making money is bad, that rich people are corrupt and that money makes you evil.

But, we all know that like everything around us, money is just a paper bill. Money is neutral.

Money is just an amplifier of who you already are. If you had little money before and you were generous, then making more money makes you a better giving person.

If you were a shopaholic when you had little money, making more money will make you a more shopping addict.

There is nothing wrong with money. We have to understand that we are the one in control of our money and what we use our money for. It’s not money but us that we need to question.

Who are you if you had millions of money?

Will you be a better person or will you turn out to be a bad or evil person? You have to know where your treasure is.

I have known a lot of rich people that are good people and those people who keep on saying that money makes people bad are just the same people that don’t know that these people exist because they are unconsciously repelling money to them.

So there you go, Money Warriors.

I hope this 3 Money Mindshiff helped you. It’s always working progress to create new beliefs but with time, faith and effort, nothing is impossible.

I pray for your financial journey and wish you abundance this 2020!


Jennifer xoxo

P.S. You do not have to be alone in your financial journey. If you feel that it’s time to uncover the beliefs that are holding you back, let me help you. Feel free to book your session here.

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