3 Steps to Create a Healthy Money Mindset

3 Steps to Create a Healthy Money Mindset

Creating a healthy money mindset is very important in achieving your financial goals.

Knowing the math or the numbers alone but not having the right mindset and belief of what you can do about your finances will result to nothing.

I share 3 easy steps below on how you can start having a better money mindset with money.

1. Know Your Personal Relationship with Money

In order to build a better money mindset, you have to first understand where you are now in your relationship with money. And one of the best ways to do this is to simply ask yourself this question:

  • If your money can speak, what would it say about your relationship?
    • Will it say:
      • I feel loved
      • I feel that you are using me well
      • I am happy on how you are managing me
      • I know that I am important
      • I am taken cared of
    • Or will it say:
      • You don’t make me feel good
      • I feel that you do not care about me
      • You always just scatter me away
      • I feel that I have been taken for granted
      • I think that you have been wasteful around me

Going back to this question, what do you think will your money say to you? It is sometimes easy to say that we are not responsible for our results when it comes to our finances but how seldom do we check our responsibility about it?

This question can also be applied to any area of your life.

For example.

If your job can speak, what would it say about you on how you show up at work?

  • Will it say:
    • You are inspiring
    • You come to work on time
    • You take responsibilities
    • You help other people
  • Or will it say:
    • You complain behind your boss
    • You always misuse your company time
    • You always say bad things about your teammates

After knowing this, I want you to really take time and think about your personal relationship with money.

After asking the questions, check the answers and this is where you will realise if you have a healthy or unhealthy mindset about it.

You cannot cultivate a good money mindset unless you have a bad relationship with money.

It is like thinking that money will come to you anytime but on the other hand, not really believing about the importance of it. The result would be misalignment and you will just lose it.

2. Become a Money Mindset Sponge

You are the average of the 5 people you associate yourself with. If you want to build a Wealthy Mindset, start being with people who look at money positively. Stay away from people who make you feel that being rich is bad and that being rich means being greedy. Stay away from people who would also complain that it’s difficult to have money and that there’s not enough. 

You have to be intentional as to where you use your time and spend your time with. Being with people with a scarcity mindset will not help you.

It is also about educating yourself and using your media consumption to learn from wealthy people.

A Money Mindset sponge means that you are choosing thoughts that will prosper you and social media contents that help you see what is possible.

3. Forget your Past Mistakes 

It might be true that your result with money in the past is something that you cannot be proud of. You may feel that you are a failure and that you can never be able to achieve financial freedom.

But here’s the truth. If you start today, you are creating your new future. The past is gone. Let go of it and really forgive yourself.

When I say forgive yourself, look at the mirror and really say this: Hi {$name}, I forgive you. I really forgive you. It must have been hard but I forgive you.

Once you do this and remove any shame or guilt, it will be easier for you to build a better mindset.

Remember that building a wealthy money mindset is a process. It is a result of choosing one thought over another repeatedly every day.

“Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.”
― Amit Ray

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