April 10

4 Incredibly Cheaper Alternatives to Grab


4 Incredibly Cheaper Alternatives to Grab

April 10, 2018

Alternatives to Grab

Knock knock! Who’s there?
Uber and Grab, Uber and Grab who?
It must have been Grab, but it’s Uber now.
– Marj Duterte

We will all miss Uber here in the Philippines but there’s still Grab. Unfortunately, I have read many rants that Grab had now monopolized the Philippine market and had been charging fares really high.

Let’s have a look at what really happened first.

According to this article, Uber sold its Southeast Asia business to competitor Grab lately giving Uber a 27.5 percent stake in the company and their CEO will also join the Grab’s board. In addition, Grab will also be acquiring Uber’s food delivery business, called UberEats, in Southeast Asia.

Aside from that news, Uber has also exited in China last 2016 and in Russia last 2017.

According to another report, the deal will help bolster Grab’s meal-delivery service, which will merge with Uber Eats. Aside from that, another reason why ride-sharing services didn’t fare well is that Asian countries relied heavily on discounts and promotions driving down profit margins and increasing pressure for consolidation.

Another article here showed how Uber had been suffering from losses from increased competition in the region with net losses increasing for 4 consecutive years.

As they are preparing for an IPO this 2019, they wanted to consolidate their loss and focus on their core markets such as Australia, United States, New Zealand and Latin America.

Now that we know what happened, the question is what to do now?

Relax! There are other cheaper alternatives that you could explore on your way to work. Here it goes:

1. P2P – This is a premium point to point bus service provider that you could check. Fares range from as low as P30 for a one-way ride to as high as P250 depending on how far one point of location is from the other.

To date, here are the following routes available:

Alabang Town Center – Ayala Malls The 30th
Alabang Town Center – Greenbelt 1
Alabang Town Center – Greenhills Shopping Center
Alabang Town Center- Market! Market! Mall
Antipolo Triangle Mall – Robinsons Galleria
Ayala Mall South Park – Greenbelt 5
Clark International Airport – North Edsa MRT Station/ Trinoma
Glorietta 5 – SM Megamall- Trinoma- SM North
Lakefront Sucat – Makati CBD
NAIA Terminal 1,2,3,4 – Select Stops-Loop
NAIA Terminal 3 – Clark International Airport
Nuvali Transport Terminal – Makati Circuit Lane
Robinson’s Galleria – Glorietta 3
Robinson’s Novaliches – Glorietta 3
Robinson’s Place Antipolo – Robinsons Galleria
Savemore Salawag – Starmall Alabang
SM North Edsa – SM Megamall
Starmall Alabang – Robinson’s Galleria- Starmall Shaw
Trinoma – Glorietta 5
UP Town Center – Glorietta 3
Vista Mall Daang Hari, Bacoor- Starmall Alabang

They are also offering a free resource now. Just by using the GPS of your mobile you could view the schedule, bus routes, station locations and the number of waiting passengers at any station. But you must sign up in this link. You could sign up using your Facebook account. I have not tried it yet so feel free to comment below on your experience to help other readers.

For the complete bus schedule of each route, you may check it here.

2. PNR – Philippine National Railways

This is not the MRT or LRT, this is an alternative ground train ride you could also opt to check. The trains are also air-conditioned similar to what we have at the LRT and MRT stations.

The ticket costs as low as P15 (from Tutuban to all stations up to EDSA) to P60 depending on where you will go. The route starts from Tutuban and ends in Calamba:

Laon Laan
Sta Mesa
San Andres
Vito Cruz
Pasay Road
San Pedro
Pacita Main Gate
Golden City 1
Sta Rosa

You could check the whole fare table guide here. As for the schedule of the train for each station, click this link.

3. Pasig River Ferry

This might be an unpopular choice or alternative but it might be worth the try and also the experience.

According to its website that was last updated April of last year, the Pasig Ferry Service is available from Monday to Saturday and starts as early as 6:30 AM at Guadalupe Station to Plaza Mexico, Intramuros. And the last trip is at 5:30 PM from Plaza Mexico, Intramuros to Guadalupe.

The Pasig River Ferry Service currently has 12 stations (passing from Pasig City to Makati City to Mandaluyong and to Manila).

San Joaquin
Sta Ana
Plaza Mexico

The cost is as low as P30 to as high as P95. See table below for the Ferry Fare Matrix taken from their website:

For the whole information, you may check it here.

4. Other Ride-Sharing Companies

We all know that Grab had now monopolized the car booking service and even ride-sharing but there are still other companies that are worth to check and here they are:

a. Angkas – From the word itself, you could choose this instead of going to your work especially if you’re in a rush. Motorcycle ride anyone?

Download it Here: Android | iOS

b. Wunder – I first saw this on my Facebook newsfeed but was not really paying attention to it. But now that Uber is gone, you might want to give it a chance. This is a ride-sharing app that really promotes carpooling among its riders. You can share a ride and earn from it and you could also find available carpoolers in your area going in the same location.

Download it Here: Android | iOS

That’s it!

Now that we all know these alternatives, I hope you could mix and match the following public transportation available in the Philippines to get you to your office or destination the fastest, most affordable and most convenient way possible.

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

I would love to hear from YOU.  =)

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