4 Things We Need to Let Go

We all have our own ups and down this year. As the year comes to a close, let us reflect and think about things that we need to let go. That way, we can start fresh as we change our calendars to 2016. I have listed four things that we can leave behind with 2015. Here it goes:


  1. Let go of failures and disappointments

There were things I listed early this year as goals but did not come true. There were also things that I have worked hard for but when I thought I have almost reached the goal, it somehow fell short.

This year, I have lost a significant amount of money. I have tried asking myself why, of all people, this unfavorable experience happened to me. I’m even a financial advocate to start with.

There also other uncontrollable things that made me feel that I’m not good enough.

However, I have realized that WITHOUT all of these disappointments and failures that happened to me this year, I will NEVER be this wiser.

Before 2015 ends, let us learn to accept the things that happened to us. Let us not take these failures personally.

You might have experienced venturing into a business but ended up losing your money. You might have been expecting to be promoted this year but, sad to say, it just didn’t happen. We want to blame ourselves. But my advice is to just MOVE FORWARD.

The year might end not according to what you have hoped for. But you also gained many things this year that you have not prayed for.

Give yourself a hug and tell yourself that this year, you did GREAT despite of some failures or disappointments. You might have failed but you are not the failure!

Remember that it is in our greatest disappointments in life that we become successful.


  1. Let go of resentments and hard feelings with other people

It is hard to forgive and to forget. I cannot blame you for that. There were people who might have “mistreated” you, people who “took you for granted,” or people who might have taken “advantage” of you.

People who broke your trust. People who “disrespected” you. People who might have “complained” about you. People who might have “embarrassed” you. People who might have treated you as “trash.”

These people. Yes, these people have HURT you so much. But try to look at the situation differently and attempt to forgive them and THANK them instead.

These people are the same people that made you STRONGER this year. The same people that have let you realized how you should have loved yourself first BETTER. The same people who have taught you that LIVING WELL is the best revenge. The same people who TESTED the strength of your character and patience.

Without these people who have hurt you, you will never be this BEAUTIFUL and WISER.

So treat them as a blessing. Forgive them, for your peace of mind. It may be hard to forget since it is through these memories that we could learn. Nevertheless, try to forget but never forget the lesson. Let them understand that you don’t have to live your life being controlled by them and that you can control your emotions maturely.


  1. Let go of all the things you don’t deserve

As we welcome 2016, I believe it is TIMELY that we stop holding on to things that only hurts us more.

This could be the person you have thought that will love you unconditionally but ended up loving himself selfishly. We have to understand that sometimes, we just need to “don’t care” because they don’t even care. You need to understand that you are WHOLE without them. Let go of this person. Start realizing that you deserve someone better and that life goes on. You don’t even need closure. There are things better left that way.

Also let go of toxic friends who have nothing to say but bad things about other people and negativities about the world and their lives. These are all emotional vampires that will steal your happiness away from you. You need people who will lift you up and give you hope, not friends who will highlight your weakness instead of your greatness.

Let go of that crappy job that you’ve been holding on for so long. If you feel that you are not appreciated, that you are giving your best but it doesn’t seem to fit, maybe the job is not really for you in the first place. If you feel stuck and you don’t have any room for growth, get out. Stop agonizing yourself. Be courageous. Resign and create a new path for your career.


  1. Let go of what you have lost.

This is very hard emotionally and spiritually. Some of us might have lost a loved one this year but we are still holding on to them. It is really hard especially if it is someone who is close to our heart.

It may be a family friend, a family member, your best friend, your grandparent or your loyal pet.

Wherever they are now, I am sure that they are now happier because they are now already with our Creator. Life indeed does not end in this “earthly” world; it continues up there; that’s why we always want to do good things here on earth while we are still living.

For some, they might have also lost their house because of fire or their big investment money because of bankruptcy or a scam.

Let us let go of these things too. These are inevitable things that we don’t have any control of.

It is hard to “recover” from these things but I am very sure that through faith and hard work, what we have lost will come back to us in another form of blessing.



To end, it is really hard to let go things that we thought mattered to us. But as what they say, a wise person knows when to hold on and to give up.

Letting go is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. It means that we have acknowledged that we deserve better and that there are just some things beyond our control.

Letting go gives us new doors and opportunities to learn again. To love again. To be wiser. It gives us hope. It makes us feel light. It makes us breathe easier. So let go and start 2016 the right way!


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