5 Signs That You Have a Teachable Mindset

A wise man knows he doesn’t know everything. A fool thinks he knows everything.


To be teachable is to be able to accept that we don’t know everything and that we can always learn from other people.


I believe the five traits that all teachable person possess are these:



  1. They have a growth mindset


Teachable people are willing to explore new ideas and new experiences outside of their comfort zone.

They welcome new challenges in their life with fun and excitement.

They believe that they can expand their current talents, skills and abilities and that talent is not something that people are born with, it is something that you get good at through practice, effort, self-discovery and continuous self-improvement.



  1. They are willing to be corrected


Being teachable means learning from our mistakes and taking feedback positively to improve one’s self. It also means listing down and evaluating one’s self for our shortcomings and making it as an opportunity to understand ourselves better.

To be teachable means to be willing to accept that not everything that you know or everything that you believe is the truth.

We can’t learn anything new if we will limit ourselves to what we already know and if we can’t accept the fact that we don’t know everything. And through this, they are willing to accept feedback and be corrected openly.



  1. They have a beginner mindset


Teachable people always think that they are always starting again. They are willing to unlearn everything to allow their mind to process and accept new things.

One way to develop a beginner’s mindset is to apply these 3  things in your mind every day:

  • Everyone has something to teach me
  • Every day I have something to learn
  • Every time I learn something, I benefit


  1. They have a teachable spirit

These are people who approach each day as an opportunity for another learning experience.

Their hearts are open. Their mind is receptive. Their attitudes are expectant.

They are also the same people who look at the positive side of what is happening and asked themselves on how they can learn from every experience that is happening to them rather than dwelling on what is negative.


  1. They learn something new every day


Teachable people believe in the saying that “What got you to where you are now, won’t keep you here.”

They value constant learning and improvement regardless of their age or circumstances.

They are always learning something new every day.  It can be from other people’s experience; it can be a new word, a new skill, a new language or a new powerful tool to help them.

They make learning a habit for themselves, and they cultivate this because they know that learning might not change their life in a day, but it will change their days for life.



Your turn, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who can I learn from today and what can I ask them?
  2. Where are the potential learning moments for today?
  3. What can I learn from what I saw, hear and experienced today?
  4. Did today help me discovered something about myself?
  5. What can I learn from what I did wrong today?


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    This was a wonderful read as I have opened up myself to being more flexible and embracing new learnings, everyday.

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