In this article, I will be sharing with you 5 tips that I have been doing these past 6 years for me to be able to work productively and save time while using social media apps and the like.


These tips will not just help you save time, it will also help you to focus more on things that matter. Are you ready? Here we go.


A. Facebook


Do you know what the most powerful tool that I use in Facebook for it to work to my advantage? It’s simple: it’s the SEE FIRST option. Yes! The “see first” option is available not just on your friend’s profile but in all pages that you follow.


So what’s the use of this button once you activate it? As the word suggests, brings up the pages and people that you choose to SEE FIRST on your timeline! This will then help you focus on pages that you think is more important than the others.


Look at the page below from John Maxwell. It’s obvious that it’s one of the pages that I want to see first:



Aside from this, it will also let you SEE FIRST the posts from your friend/ Like this one from a person that I admire:



You could actually put a See First Option just by clicking the area that says “Select more friends and Pages and see their posts at the top of the News Feed.” There will be a STAR  symbol on that person or page once you click it. It will look like this:



Because of this option, you could now see only the POSITIVE and HELPFUL things that could help you with your life. As well as enriching posts and latest updates and news from your favorite page or friend.


If you get irritated or distracted or even demotivated or insecure with the posts your friends are making, of course, there’s also the famous UNFOLLOW button that you could click instead of unfriending someone.



Lastly, you could also TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS for pages that you follow that you think are very important.

As an example, I turned on the notifications from SkyJet’s page just in case there’s another seat sale to Batanes. I also turned on notifications from TED Talk’s page because I find their talks very informative. Because of these notifications, I know I will never MISS any of their important posts.




Conversely, you could also TURN OFF notification from pages and people that does not help you.


B. Email


I consider myself a very organized person and I hate seeing my email like a refrigerator where sodas, cakes, and frozen goods are all stuffed at the same place.

And since I VALUE my time, it is also important for me to be able to find an email as fast as I can when needed. Yes, I know there’s a SEARCH option. But then again, there is a better way to organize your email.

What it is?

Use the FILTER option. The filter option works like this: If you have a message, say from your boss, that message will not go to your inbox. Instead, it will automatically skip the inbox and will be moved to a folder entitled “My Boss Folder,” or any folder that you would like to name it.

What’s good about this FILTER option is it will automatically sort your email the way you want it to be sorted. You just need to create rules for it to follow. This is also helpful especially if you have many subscriptions or newsletter from many sites. If you filter them, it will not bombard your inbox. You could just go to the specified folder and read it anytime you wish.


Filter I made for all Airline Alerts

Filter I made for all Airline Alerts

Filter I made for all my Globe Billing Statements

Filter I made for all my Globe Billing Statements


As you can see on the left pane of my GMAIL, I have many filters/folders. I have a filter from my boss, I have a filter for airline newsletters, I have a filter for Jobstreet, I have a filter for billing statements etcetera. Because of this, my inbox is always clean and organized!


How to create Filters? Just go to your mail’s SETTING and click on the filter tab. You just need to create your own rule. For example, for my first filter, all subject that has an “E-book” word would automatically skip the inbox and will go straight to the E-books folder or label.



C. Twitter


Do you have a twitter account? You better have one! I opened a Twitter account not for me to have many followers but for me to be able to read the latest news and discussions around the world. Before an articles or news gets published in print media the next day, that news is usually already available via Twitter. Talk about getting the news scoop.

So how do you make use of twitter to your advantage?

Just like using filter in your email, I categorize all the persons/institutions/twitter accounts that I follow.

Here’s a screenshot:

All the people/pages I follow in twitter are categorized by adding it to a list.

All the people/pages I follow in twitter are categorized by adding it to a list.

Because of this, if I want to read a quotation, I just need to go to the list of quotations. If I want to read news, all news sites are in one list. If I want to know the latest gadgets, I just go to the technology folder/list that I created.


When I choose the News List, all the News pages I follow will be shown in one page.

With this, you save time. And you get the news as fast as possible versus those published in Facebook news feed where you need to scroll down.


Tweets from all the members of the News List that I made.

Tweets from all the members of the News List that I made.


D. Reader Mode/ Download Pocket Application


The last tip that I want to share is the READER MODE.  I believe the reader mode is available in IPADs and in chrome browser in your android phone as well as Blackberry devices w/ OS 10 version.

What is reader mode?

Have you ever experienced reading an article with so many pictures on it and even advertisements? And while reading it, it seems that your device is also lagging or slowing down?

You don’t need to panic or be stressed about it, click the reader mode so that you’ll be able to read an article as simple and as neat as possible, with no advertisements and few images.

Just click the reader mode! By the way, I’m a blackberry fan so well, I use two blackberry  phones and here’s a screenshot:

When you are not in reader mode, you'll see many advertisement on top and below.

When you are not in reader mode, you’ll see many advertisement on top and below the news article just like above.

Now, after clicking the reader mode from my phone’s menu, here’s what it looks like:

No advertisements, simple and it focuses on the article alone.

No advertisements, simple and it focuses on the article alone.

But wait, what if you want to read an article but you don’t have the time to read it at this moment?

For this, I use the very powerful application called Pocket. Pocket lets you save an article online which you could read at a later time when you feel like you want to read it. It’s available for all Android and Apple users.

What’s the difference between a Pocket app and a bookmark? The difference is that articles you saved in the Pocket App could be read offline. Aside from that, reading the article from the app is like reading in a “reader mode,” where there are no advertisements and pop-ups. It’s like you’re reading a page from a book. Super friendly and super easy.

To know more about Pocket, click this link.


E. Schedule your Social Media time


Last but not the least, don’t let all these social applications direct your day to day activities. You should be the one in charge of your tasks everyday.

Checking your facebook news feed, twitter news feed and even reading your e-mails, should be scheduled. Find a specific time of the day that you will allot for these things. Do not let these things be on top of your priority every time you wake up in the morning or sleep at night.

Remember that managing our time is not our ultimate problem. It is managing our tasks well. So learn to list down things that are most important for you at the start of the day and STICK with it.

Don’t let these social media apps sidetrack you to your goal.



These are my 5 social productivity hacks. Mind sharing yours? Hope you learned something!


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