February 26

6 Wonderful Reminders to Live Your Best Life


6 Wonderful Reminders to Live Your Best Life

February 26, 2019

Here are 6 Wonderful Reminders to Live Your Best Life now:


1. Know Your Purpose

Before you start your day, ask yourself, “What do I need to accomplish?” “What is my intention?”

Creating a sense of meaning of whatever you will be doing at the start of your day will give yourself that sense of fulfilment of having to do something great for yourself and other people. It will also create a great impact on those people that surround you.


2. Give Positive Meaning to Everything

Having an optimistic outlook on life — a general expectation that good things will happen — may help people live longer, according to a new study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The study found that women who were optimistic had a significantly reduced risk of dying from several major causes of death — including cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, and infection — over eight years, compared with women who were less optimistic.

Having said that, it is best to have a look at how we respond to what happens to us and how we interpret things that are happening in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. What matters is you have to always look at the positive learning and experiences that every event can teach you. If you can teach your thoughts to focus on what is positive, you can live longer!


3. Realise that Everything You Do Has A Consequence

You are responsible for the results and choices that you are making in your life.
Deciding not to give your best in your work is your choice. Deciding to skip your breakfast or ignoring your health is a choice. Deciding to spend your money or waste your time thinking of negative things is your choice.
Once you act upon that choice, everything has a consequence. The result can either move your forward or pull you backwards.


4. Know that Everyone is Unique, Different and Amazing

Not everyone is your cup of tea. Not everyone is like you. What you perceive to be a great movie might be a horrible one for the other person. What you think is important, may not be as important for others. Remember that when someone disagrees with you, it is not about really you. It is about what is important for them. Be grateful for similarities, but be open to differences and learn from each other.


5. Be Driven By Your Desire For Adventure

Never forget what makes you excited, happy and motivated! Be aware of what makes you tick and what gives you that feeling of wanting to jump out of your bed or get out of your comfort zone right away! Never forget to date your passion as this might also be your purpose! Go for what you want to do and keep exploring and diving into new experiences!


6. Expect the Unexpected

Life is unpredictable, and it is because of this that makes life exciting and worth it! So instead of worrying for what can happen, anticipate it in advance and be prepared for it! Respond to change with ease. Check what worked for you and what didn’t work and adjust your sails!


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About the Author:

My name is Jennifer Letran. I am a Results and a Clarity Coach and my coaching system are based on Values and Authenticity. If you want to know more about my coaching style and how I am helping others in transforming their lives click here.

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