Achieve, Persevere, Avoid or Eliminate?

There’s an American consultant by the name of Fred Nickols, he developed a simple framework for us to be able to make more smart choices about our lives especially when it comes to our goal and priorities.

In this simple framework, he developed four questions to asked ourselves to determine our objective:

1. What are you trying to achieve?
2. What are you trying to persevere?
3. What are you trying to avoid?
4. What are you trying to eliminate?

By answering these questions, we are able to FOCUS more on what is really “IMPORTANT” for us and through that, we are able to also match the action that is needed for our desired outcome.

The illustration below is a summary of his simple framework.

Think about your different goals and ask yourself these questions to know if your answers will reveal any issues you may need to consider further.


May this help you more in “clearing out issues” and prioritising and working out your goals effectively.

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