February 20

The Best Places to Find the Cheapest Books

The Best Places to Find the Cheapest Books

February 20, 2016

Readers are leaders. Leaders are readers.

For me, the best way to use your free time is to read a good book.

This year, I have already finished reading 5 books and I am still far from my goal of reading at least 60 good books. How about you?

Reading books keeps me busy and keeps my mind active. It makes me think and read between the lines. It makes me imagine. It excites me and it keeps me motivated.

However, books are also quite expensive.

But don’t worry! I have found some resources where we could find good books at affordable prices! Yehey!


Here it goes!



  1. Booksale


Yes! Booksale is one of my go-to places every time I want to read a good finance or business book.

When I was in college, we were given the freedom to buy our books outside. One of the books we needed to buy was Microeconomics. You know what? I found a copy in Booksale and it was even colored! Better than what the other bookstores were selling and much cheaper!

Aside from that, let me also give you a screenshot of some of the books, mostly non-fiction I bought here with the price:

All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran, Price of the Book: P120
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran


Super sulit right? There are also fiction books like Harry Potter Books, Lord of the Rings Books, Sophie Kinsella Books, David Baldacci, John Grisham, 50 Shades of Grey, and more!

My friend also bought a book here, T. Harv Eker’s “Secret of the Millionaire Mind,” for just P75 versus P300 from a popular bookstore.


  1. Recto corner Nicanor Reyes Jr. (near Far Eastern University)


Since I am a salesperson, I usually go from one place to another and I saw this place near FEU.

They are selling best-selling FICTION books like that of Lang Leav, Mitch Albom, Dan Brown and more and NON-FICTION books such as leadership books of John Maxwell to finance books of Robert Kiyosaki, etcetera at incredibly lower prices versus the bookstores that we know! And the books they are selling here are also good as brand new!

I bought my Rich Dad Poor Dad book here at P150 pesos only! Wow!

Here’s a simple price comparison:


Book Title

                   Recto Price          Famous Bookstore Price

Strengths Finder (complete w/ test)

P600 P899
Lang Leav Memories P500


Perks of a Wallflower



Rainbow Rowell Books P350/each (any title) P425-P599 (depending on what R. Rowell Book Title)


And here are the books being sold there at a discount:

All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran
All Rights Reserved: Jennifer Letran


Got a facebook account? Like this page and get books at a great discount! Here they are:


  1. Murang Libro Online


As I was scrolling in my newsfeed, this popped out from the list of suggested pages. And this is indeed a great find!

They are also selling both fiction and non-fiction books!

Here’s their site: www.muranglibroonline.wordpress.com

Here’s their facebook page.

Here are the books they are selling:

Non-fiction books from their facebook page
Non-fiction books from their facebook page

They are also selling fiction books from ‪‎Paulo Coelho, ‬ Nicholas Sparks‬John Green‬,‪ Stephen Chbosky‬‪ and ‎Mitch Albom.


  1. Book Exchange Market


As the words suggest, book exchange market is created for us to exchange books in a profitable way. You could sell your used books here and buy other books also from other sellers. This is a great page for a variety of books coming from various bookworms.

This is a closed group by the way. The administrator of the group will add you first before you could start buying and selling your book/s.

With this page, you’re not just a bookworm but also a bookpreneur!

Here’s the link:  https://web.facebook.com/groups/1613707808914985/?fref=ts




  1. Book Fairs


Last year, there were various book fair events that happened. More or less, this is a recurring annual event.

This year, the 37th Manila International Book Fair, touted as country’s biggest book event, is back for its 2016 edition on September 14 – 18, 2016. This will be the happening at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

National Bookstore also conducts a Great Warehouse Sale. Last year, their book fair happened on August 13-18, 2015  at the fourth level of National Book Store Quezon Avenue corner Scout Borromeo and Panay Avenue.

Here’s an article that covers the books offered for National Bookstore’s sale last year: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/203020/nbs-warehouse-sale-sneak-peek.

I have not found a date yet for this year for the same event.

That’s it!


If you want e-books and you’re comfortable reading using your phone or tablet, you may opt to buy from Amazon.com instead since e-books cost much cheaper as they are digital.


Of course, the best way to have a book for free is to exchange books with your friends or simply borrow a book!=) There is no harm in asking; just be courteous enough to return the book and to handle it with care so that you could borrow again!=)


Hope you’ll visit these places soon and I hope it will help you to become a habitual reader!


Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

I would love to hear from YOU.  =)

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  • I used to be a booksale addict when I nwas younger, in the pre internet era. Nowadays its more convenient and I get more variety from e-books. I live in the provinces. And sometimes its cheaper.


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