Two years ago, I attended the Grand Disciplers Assembly at PICC Hall.

This is a yearly event conducted by the Light of Jesus family of Brother Bo Sanchez.

In this event, all of the Feast Builders, Ministry Heads and Future Leaders of all the Feast Areas are the audiences.

We are very delighted because, Feast Greenhills, where I belong, was given the privilege to host such a big event of almost 2000 plus people across the Philippines.

People from up from Bataan and down to Cagayan De Oro.

The Feast is a Catholic community open to everybody who wants lives to be changed for the glory of God. We have different feast areas with different schedules. The Feast always starts with a Eucharistic Celebration, followed by a worship. Worship starts with great Christian songs and we always have topics that will help people in enriching their lives more. From personal finance to work, to relationships and more. (It is FREE!)

To date, the Feast family is now present in 39 Metro Manila areas, 36 Provincial areas and 74 International locations.

Going back, the theme of the event is CONNECT wherein we should Subtract Attractions, Add Relations and MULTIPLY Disciples.

It is inspired by the game Super Mario wherein you’ll see pipes everywhere in the stages.

We all know that in our daily life we use pipes to connect it to another pipe for water to flow in and then for water to flow out and be used by many people.

Like the pipes, all the attendees are all CONNECTED as ONE FAMILY.

We are like pipes. We have water inside of us that we need to pour out to give spiritual drink for those whose faith is thirsty for the love of God.

The event started with great music as always. In the event, Brother Bo emphasized that in every business or community we all aim for a PRODUCT.

For example, Toyota’s product is cars, Apple’s product is innovation in gadgets like tablets and cellphones.

He then asked the audience, what is the Light of Jesus’ product? The answer is disciples.

There are 3 Types of Discipleship

The first one is Traditional, wherein experts make disciples. This is the old way of school wherein you should attend formations, teachings and seminars, become literally an “expert” before you could be considered as a disciple.

The second one is Attractional, wherein we let other people outside join us because of what’s happening inside our community. We attract them to join. Attractional is targeted to bring back people who are bored or who had stopped going to church.

But the most important is Attractional Missional, wherein we do our best not just for them to come in but we have a mission to also disciple them so that they too could also disciple other people.

Indeed it is true, for me, we are all made to disciple. We are all made not just to be within this organization, we are all made to go out, speak to someone and let the unchurch hear how GREAT it is to have a GOD.

We are all one family, one ministry, one voice, speaking one message.

One of the main focus of the assembly is also the story of one of the Feast Builders, Dan Caudill.

Brother Dan, narrated to Brother Bo along the stage, the story of how he was discipled.

The significance of the discipleship of Brother Dan was that he, like all of us came from a simple life and family. His mother was a “mamasan” and he had four fathers. When his fourth father died, he was adopted by one of his relatives. His calling to serve God was not automatic. There were people around him that LED Him to God. He started first as a simple choir member until he was told to play music then create songs and eventually, later on, he became one of the great Feast Builders.

Going further, Feast Builder of Manila, Brother Obet, summarizes the call or stages in discipleship in this four sentences that I still can remember and will not forget. He said:


What does this mean?

For me, first, we start as a crowd. We start all as an outsider. We are strangers from each other. We listen to someone. We are all mere audience that doesn’t care about one another. Then we start sensing the congregation. From being just an outsider, we slowly go inside to connect more deeply. We do our best to be sensitive to the needs of each other. We let the people from the crowd be at home and make them realize that we feel the problems, frustrations and sadness they also feel. From a simple crowd, we show them our warmth and mutual affection. This is really true and evident. In all Feast areas, we make sure to welcome the new attendees to make them feel that from being a crowd, you are part of a congregation. You are part of a family.

This congregation then becomes a community. These are our own Feast Families or Feast Areas located all around the world (Feast Bay Area, Feast Bay Manila etcetera). This is also further divided into Light Groups. In every Feast Family, you can choose a group where you could be just yourself, share your problems, pray for someone. Others call this Caring Groups.

It is a community wherein we could learn, find help and share what we could give. We become part of various ministries within the community. We serve. Some are called to sing for the Lord, some to lead the worship, some to welcome people. In this community, we try our best help attend needs of everyone.

Through this community, we also want to invite others to let them know how God touched our lives through the Feast. We reach out. We not just serve within but we do our best to serve outside. Slowly, we are being shaped to be real disciples. Disciples that are committed to spreading God’s wonderful work and miracles and healing in a greater aspect. We go out and talk to other people. We are all invited to be the core. The core that is sent to more people to be disciples that would create more disciples that create more (Attractional Missional).

I like to end this, on what Pastor Dennis Sy said in one of his talks about leadership which is related to discipleship.

He said, before anything else, you were first a Christian. You need to preach first.

And I like what he said, “Personal leadership development is never personal.”

It is indeed correct. In this Grand Discplers Assembly, we are called to be leaders. Leaders that will not just create leaders but disciples who will go out there and make a difference in God’s life. Because we were first called to preach.

Before the assembly ended, each attendee was given a souvenir box. Inside were 3 stars. Bro Bo instructed every person to give the 3 stars to 3 persons that discpled them in the Feast or someone who inspired their life.

All of the people suddenly went around the whole assembly to give their stars. It was really a great activity. It was a sign of gratefulness for all the people who because of their openness and willingness to be God’s instrument, in their own simple way, have inspired someone.

To end, here’s what Bro Obet Cabrillas (Feast Builder of Manila), said if my memory serves me right:

How do you want to be remembered when you die? Some want to be remembered being successful, it’s okay. Some want to be remembered being rich, it’s okay. But for me? I want to be remembered as someone who has made a difference in the lives of many people by bringing them more closer to God.

How about you? Are you a Christian? or do you want to BE Christian by being a disciple?

I challenge you to find someone who you could disciple and invite him/her in our Feast.

Who knows? Maybe you are God’s instrument to help a family member, a friend or a co-worker or maybe a stranger to become disciples too. They are waiting for you. Reach out and make a difference!


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