I used to think that it takes a lot of courage to finally decide to change for the better. But it is just funny how the Lord reveals Himself to me by showing me the importance of time and the importance of choosing to make the right choices for change to happen.

I have a calendar inside my room. Unfortunately, that calendar is not updated already. It is now October but the month that is shown there is still March.

So, what I did is to tear each month from the calendar until it’s October already.

As I was tearing each month, I felt guilty. I felt sad. I felt disappointed. You know the feeling of tearing all those months and looking at yourself as if you have not changed at all within those months.

I told myself that I will wake up earlier every day but from those past months, it never happened.

And it was an eye-opener for me. Tearing those sheets of paper is like tearing tons of time wasted. It made me realize how important each minute was.

And I told myself, this will never happen again this month of October. And so far, I have been waking up consistently much earlier for 2 consecutive days.

I maybe just starting but I believe this is the change and the choice I have been trying to cultivate.

Reflection: Just like me, you may be struggling for something that you want to finally change in your life. I challenge you, to take that LEAP. To take that challenge to FINALLY break that old habit. One thing that helps me wake up, is by placing my cellphone in my desk away from my bed the night before to help me sleep early and to avoid checking it while in my bed and by turning ON my room lights once I wake up. To be aware of my time, I also made several alarms in my phone (credits to my fiance for this technique) for the various tasks I should be doing. Example there’s an alarm for 8:30PM which says, it’s time for Chinese lessons. There’s also another alarm for 10:10PM that says prayer time, 6:00AM for meditation and so forth.

What I learned from here is that, you should pinpoint the main distraction that is causing your delay for change. For me, it was my bed and my phone.

No longer do I place my phone with me when I am about to sleep. Because I know I will not sleep on time if I do.

I do not know what distractions you may have as of now. But I will pray for that soon, you’ll be able to find it and soon you’ll be on track in improving yourself by creating productive habits that will add value to yourself so that you could add value to other people.

P.S. I wrote this last October 7, 2017 but published it just today.

P.S. 2 My calendars have “X” marks now to remind me of the BETTER choices I am making every day.

P.S. 3 Do not forgot to reward yourself. Example for every 10 consecutive days of sticking to my new habit or choice, I’ll eat something good or pamper myself.


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