Wealth is not just about tangible things like jewelries or money.

More than material things, true wealth are those that money cannot buy.

And I am very blessed to be surrounded by these Priceless Treasures!

I am already WEALTHY because of them.


                                My 15 Treasures in 2015 that I am very GRATEFUL for:


  1. My Family



I am very grateful and BLESSED because even though my family is not perfect, I know that my family is complete.

I always say that Sundays are always for my family. I am happy to have a very supportive and understanding mother. She’s my number one cheerleader for all my dreams. I always say that my mother is the best mother you could ever imagine. She selflessly always puts herself last just for our sake.

I am also thankful for my 2 siblings, Joy and Mak. There may be times when we argue a lot, but I am lucky to have them since they have grown to be responsible and God-loving siblings.

Thank you Mama, Mak and Joy!


  1. My Friends



My friends – I could only count them from my fingers. They are not many but I know they are my true friends. I thank them for never giving up on me and never getting tired of me whenever I call them during unexpected times of the day.

I also thank them for being good influences on me. They are my accountability buddies as well. They remind me every time they feel that what I’m doing is already wrong.

Aside from this, it’s really funny that most of my friends are not used to regularly meeting with me every week or every month. Actually, we only meet twice or thrice a year! But that’s why we’re friends! We understand each other.

Thank you guys! You know who you are!


  1. My Bosses


I could’ve not survived another year without the support of my immediate boss, Ma’am Elgee. I could not ask for more from her. She’s very supportive and a second-mother to me.

I also want to thank my boss in our area, Sir Marwin. There may be times that he is misunderstood by some but I admire him a lot. He walks the talk. Been there, done that. He’s the boss who understands what work should be. Real work – not just words but actions and results. He inspires me through his passion and dedication.

I am also thankful for our VP, Sir Eric, and all the other ABDs for inspiring me to be better as a unibanker and for striving not just for excellence but for integrity as well.



  1. CAMANAVA Family


Without the support of branches in all our plans and endeavors for our area, everything is unworkable. Everything is useless.

I want to thank all the officers and staff for being accommodating to our requests and for helping us in our goals. Small things, big things, all are accounted for.

Thank you for the help! On behalf of my team, I could never thank all of you enough.


  1. The Bank. The Division. The Departments.


I work in a bank, and it is a system where you need to work with others. You need to collaborate within your division and outside your division. You need to form good partnership with the departments for your needs.

I want to thank Field Sales Department, which I am a member of, for all the efforts that they have been doing to make our department bigger and better.

I also want to extend my gratefulness for all the field sales officers (FSOs) that  I have worked with from our group, North Team to Division 2 and all other FSOs that I have cooperated with.

As a sales officer, I am also grateful for all Account Officers as well as staffs from all Product Groups for assisting me in my concerns. I also want to thank them for answering my queries, for trusting me with their clients, and for extending help.

Thank you for showing me that we are indeed one family in this bank. That we could help each other regardless of our division or our group or our rank.


  1. My Team


What is a team? A team is best described as “Together Everyone Achieves More.”

This year, I was given a new role and that is to supervise a team. I am very thankful for this new role.

My team mates helped me grow as a leader. I’ve learned many things from them that I could never learn working alone.

I’ve realized that when you have a team, your goal is higher. But just as the goals are higher, the rewards are also larger and more fulfilling!

They would support you and you would support them. You inspire them and they also inspire you.

Thank you team for allowing me to be your leader! Thank you Cluster 7!


  1. My Sta. Teresita Parish Family


You have your family, your friends, and your workmates but you also need a spiritual group.

I want to thank my Sta. Teresita Parish Family.

Because of them, I grew closer with God. Because of them, I have realized how great our God is. Because of them, I learned many things – not just things about Religion but learnings from our sharings and experiences.

Thank you STP Family! Glad to serve for 6 years and counting!


(End of Part 1)