Before this year ends, I want to say thank you for all the people who I have met just this year but significantly changed my life. Thank you for showing me that the world is full of beautiful strangers that can be your friends. I am sincerely happy for the gift of camaraderie, the gift of an extended family.


  1. Love Life Retreat Batch 15 Family (God I5 Love)

 Lovelife Retreat Family

This September 2015, I decided to join a retreat that changed my life!

I went there because I had a personal problem and I just want to be renewed spiritually and emotionally. But I was not only renewed, I was blessed.

Blessed not just because I’m done with my issues. Blessed because I’ve met many new friends! They are my extended friends! And I am happy to know that we are all walking towards God’s commandment – love one another as I have loved you!

As what one of my friends here always say, move HEAVENward!

Thank you Love Life Retreat Family! I may not know all of you in your name but know that you have touched my life. Thank you for the gift of unconditional friendship!


  1. Light Group (LG) Family

 Tuesdate Group

Light Groups were formed from our Love Life Retreat. Each LG has 6-10 members.

I am very happy to have a very happy and loving LG family!

Our LG group is headed by Sis Erica. Our group meets every Tuesday. We share a lot of things. Our blessing/s for the week, our problems and even things that we want the group to pray for us for.

It was not really easy for me at first to OPEN myself to them and share my problems with them but I think God gave me His grace to trust this new family.

Thank you LG family for not judging me and for accepting me for who I am. Looking forward for our Tuesdates always!


  1. My Feast Greenhills Family

 FGH Family

Everything has a purpose. I started attending the Feast just recently. My first Feast experience was in Feast Bay Area.

Because I live in Manila near Sta Mesa, I have decided to attend Feast Greenhills (FGH) instead.

I don’t know what happened but something in FGH tells me that I should be there. Their Feast Builder, JPaul Hernandez, somehow, had an impact to me. His sincerity might be the reason why I decided to attend FGH.

But wait there’s more.

From being an attendee, I have decided to serve also in one of their ministry! I am very happy because even though I am NEW, I feel that I already belong. Thank you for including me in your family!

Thank you FGH! I look forward to knowing all of you! The best is yet to come for FGH!

  1. My Dogs


They say dogs are man’s best friend. I could not agree more. My dogs, Putot and Sundae and Lucky, gives me joy!

They take my stress away! Every time I arrive from work, they will run towards you and welcome you as if you’ve been gone too long! They are so sweet and they don’t know how to take advantage of you!

Aside from this, I have 3 additional dogs that I feed along the street of Sociego everytime I walk towards home. These 3 dogs are Simba, George and JP. I don’t know them but they know me! They are my bodyguards! They walk beside me until I’m in the gate of our condominium!

Thank you! Thank you for being my joy and stress reliever!


  1. My SMART Chinay Facebook Page Followers



My facebook page, SMART Chinay, started this Deccember 1, 2015. Today, my facebook page has 1300 likes already. Thank you for the support!

I feel indebted to you guys. Rest assured that I will do my best to write more relevant articles that will enrich us both financially and spiritually.

We are altogether in this journey. Cheers!


  1. Financial Advocate Friends

 PF roup

Lately, I have been very immersed and interested with personal finance as well as in the stock market. Because of this, I have met many new friends along the way through various financial seminars, certification courses and Facebook groups!

Never did I imagine that I am their friend now. I only look up to them before but now they are all my mentors and inspiration.

Thank you guys!

I want to mention Sir Jesse, Mario, Sir Dave, Ron, Don, Sir Burn, Sir Edmund and the rest of the gang! Thank you for the support and for continually inspiring me in my financial advocacy.


  1. My Blackberry Phone


I guess we all need a good phone to make our work more productive. My blackberry Q10 phone helped me a lot this year especially in sending emails, capturing photos, composing notes. I just love the qwerty keypad and my built in BBMAX plan here that costs only P499/month.

This phone served as my wifi hotspot. I want to thank my phone for being sturdy! This is not the BEST out there but this is very RELIABLE. So well, yeah, there’s still someone like me who loves blackberry! By the way, there’s a new Blackberry Priv out there. You might want to check it out!


  1. My Laptop


Lastly, I want to thank my 6 year old laptop! Yes! 6 year old laptop! Without this laptop, I could have not launched my website. I could not have write my articles posted there.

Aside from that, my laptop stores the memories I have for the last 6 years. The pictures, the songs, the movies! As well as my documents from my work as well as client files and caravan pictures!

Thank you Acer Aspire Timeline for the 6 year relationship we had. There may be times that you’re getting slow already but a simple reformat gives you the power again you once had when I bought you.


How about you? What are you MOST Thankful for this 2015? Happy New Year!!!!=)