Discover How Money is a Basic Need

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel unsafe or uneasy when you don’t have any money or when your money is very limited?

I’m not talking about your expenses here or even your unpaid bills but just the thought of having no income stream or money at all.

Let me tell you a story, we have been living in this world for millions of years. However, our brain which is effectively the command centre of our universe is often still highly operating from the primitive brain which is instinctive.

What do I mean by that? Back before all these technological advances that happened, money never existed.

Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers.

During that time, people will hunt, gather food and eat their meal. And the next day, they will find food again even if it would mean that they can be a happy meal for wild animals.

It took humans a while before our brain evolved from being instinctive/reactive to having a better capable brain where we can store our memories, histories and experiences that allowed us to store learning blocks.

And soon enough, with this learning blocks, people were able to invent new tools that helped them gather more food efficiently until we move to the agricultural era. Where those with lands are considered noble and powerful.

But even with this time, money is scarce. Only a few have a lot. The royals. The landlords.

Then the industrial revolution came in, people figured out that they can work for money. The age where people are now getting employed.

And this is the time where people were divided on how they spend their money. You are either a spender or a saver.

And believe it or not, this is us until now. There’s not really much of a change when it comes to money in our history.

So truly, when it comes to money and the brain, we really are very much still hunters and gatherers.

Only now we dress better and hunt in office buildings and gather in shopping malls rather than forest and woods.

So where does money sits down now in our life?

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we all know that the first part of our needs is Physiology.

 is our homeostasis, food, water, sleep, shelter.

Before, we live in farms where we do not pay rent. We grow our food from where we harvest our plants. Back then, our physilogical needs were satisfied.

But now, we have to use the money to have food and to have a shelter to live in.

And even if I try to make my own garden, I cannot guarantee if it would be enough not to make me starve or my family.

Money has now become a core survival issue.

And this core physiological need is what’s making us anxious when we do not have money or when we think about our money being gone.

When I learned this, it makes a lot of sense.

Money is not just a financial resource. It’s a physiological requirement.

Now that we know this, I hope you understand why Money is really important in your life.

And believe it or not, it impacts every level of Abraham’s Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

I hope you learned a lot from this. I am creating my online money group coaching session soon where I talk about more of how money affects each level of our core human needs as well as how you can become more “conscious” of money and work with your money better.

Until then, I wish you abundance in all aspects of your life.


Jennifer xoxo

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