Here are 8 Habitudes that I personally created to make your life happier. These are the things I practised every day and so far, it never failed me.

1. Count your blessings at the start of your day

  • Write down the things that you currently have and read them every morning
  • Remember your friends and family who are still with you until today – Be thankful that you still have them
  • Include your health, your work, your basic needs being met as well as being able to eat 3 times a day

2. Look for ways to help someone.

  • Intentionally find ways to help someone (I promise you, it will make you feel better)
  • Volunteer wholeheartedly
  • Give things you are not already using
  • Teach someone patiently
  • Help a workmate
  • Give direction
  • Give way
  • Share what you have

3. Write down the things you’ve accomplished for the day even the simplest one

  • What did you do today in your work (list it all down)
  • How much were you able to save today (list it down)
  • Were you not late at work (list it down)
  • Did you write something? Like an article, a report or maybe a file that needs to be completed? (list it down)
  • Did you call a client? Followed up something? Respond to a number of enquiries to clients (list it down)
  • Did you help someone you don’t know (list it down)
  • Did you cook for your loved one? (list it down)
  • Did you read a chapter of a book, a section in your assignment or a journal or may be reviewed for an exam? (list it down)
  • Did you recited today in your class (list it down)
  • Did you make your own sandwich? (list it down)
  • Did you pay some bills? (list it down)
  • Did you spend more time for yourself to learn? (list it down)
  • Did you show up for an interview or a seminar? (list it down)
  • Did you commuted for the first time (list it down)
  • Did you iron your clothes? Wash your dishes? Fix your bed? (list it down)
  • List down all the things you are PROUD to accomplish today. I started doing this last month and it gave me momentum. It made me realise that no matter how “small” my acts can be, I am still moving FORWARD every day.

4. Be Kind.

  • Say good morning to someone you don’t even know (I intentionally do this and I actively find ways to do this and it makes me happy. You know why? Because when someone says good morning to me too, it makes me smile. So I know that when I do it for someone, it would be the same! There’s magic in those two words: Good Morning!)
  • Use your words gently and use words that encourage and heals (Now that I’m in my new work, I never say something negative about someone. I don’t also complain. There are things we can control and one of those things is our attitude towards our work. Gossiping and complaining talks wouldn’t help, in fact, it’s just a waste of time).
  • Control your temper- there will be many times that people would say something bad about you or you may feel that you have been misunderstood but stay humble and be kind. You’ll realise that choosing your battles wisely also involves choosing where to invest your emotions. So let go of those bad emotions and feelings. Just forgive those people and forget what they said. Life is too short to keep grudges. After all, it’s not always personal. People would just say something and then regret it after so don’t dwell too much about it and just move on.

5. Pray

  • Do not forget to ask for guidance from the above
  • Understand that when everything else fails, He’s always there for you
  • Pray with someone, it will double the blessing and it will strengthen you more
  • Communicate your deepest heartache and worries to your God, to your Creator. The simple way of being able to express a difficult problem to someone will eventually lighten your burden and it’s good that we have Him 24 hours a day.
  • Ask for strength not for a lighter load. Always seek for more wisdom and strength

6. Start Building a Happy Fund

  • Save a penny for a day’s work
  • Reward yourself with your hard-earned money
  • Donate and give tithes
  • Know that your happy fund will soon help you help others people that you love
  • Build eternal dividends by being responsible with your money – the more responsible you are with your finances, the more that you’ll be in control, the more you are in control, the more you can monitor, the more you can monitor, the more you can prioritise, the more you can prioritise, the more that you’ll be able to put money to better use for all your future goals.

7. Compliment Yourself

  • Start saying how great you are to yourself
  • Start saying I love you to yourself
  • Start saying You Can Do It (Your Name)
  • Start appreciating who you are
  • Always say this: You are Loved and You are Allowed.

8. SMILE (need I say more?) – Don’t just use that SMILEY emoticon. Be that SMILE that you use!

These are 8 Ways that I hope could help you make your life happier and more fulfilled. Life will not be always as we expect it to be but we can always do something about it. After all, life is what we make it.

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