How to Know if You Have Limiting Beliefs About Money

Do you believe that MOST of us have limiting beliefs about money?

What you heard is TRUE.

But because we store our beliefs in our unconscious minds, many times, we’re not even AWARE we have limiting beliefs.

So how do you know if you have limiting beliefs?

How do you know if you are stopping the flow of money to you?


Look and check at your RESULTS.

I know, that for most of us, looking at our finances is a strain in the eye.

However, if your finances are still the same for the last three years or even worse, that means you are focusing on the wrong thing.

Our mind is like a virtual reality generator. Whatever we think about and focused on internally, the world will show it externally.

It is because of the Reticular Activating System (RAS).

Your RAS is a matchmaker.

So if you think about a red car or buying a red car, your brain will look and match things in your outside environment to give you this. And you’ll find yourself noticing all the red cars around you.

Your brain is simply a matchmaker. So make sure you match what you want to create. Make sure that what you are thinking is what you really want to have and believe.

But what about the “words” we say to ourselves when it comes to money?

Words like:

I do not have enough money

My debt is piling up

I do not know how to handle money well.

When you think about these words unconsciously every day. Guess what?

The world will give you what you are thinking.

And because we are unaware. We seldom know that this is happening,

Now, is there a way to shift this belief? Yes.

But this is not just about reframing your mind or replacing an old belief with a new belief. It’s more than that. In my Money Orange Accelerator Program, I help people understand and become aware of where these beliefs came from and help them switch these beliefs one at a time so they can no longer be prisoners of their limiting thoughts.

Going back to the question, how do you know if you have limiting beliefs?

You can ask yourself these questions:

1. Check your finances. From 1-10 how financially satisfied and happy are you?

Consider these questions:

  • Do I have enough savings to cover for me in case I lose my work?
  • Do I always have the cash to pay for what I want?
  • Do I have a good credit score?
  • Am I able to buy things and do not feel guilty about it?
  • Am I happy earning more and asking for more?

2. Check your current relationship with your money

Consider these questions:

  • Do I always check my bank account balance?
  • Do I find time to treat and respect my money?
  • Do I give time to learn more about my money?
  • Do I take care of my money by spending mindfully?

3. Check your emotions surrounding money

Consider these questions:

  • Does talking about money makes me feel good, uneasy or scared?
  • Am I happy counting my money
  • Am I happy thinking of how money can help me in many ways?
  • Does money make me feel good or bad?

After answering the questions, how did you feel?

If there were a lot of financial blocks, then you have limiting beliefs about money.

Remember that what we create is an inside out game.

So don’t just think before you do or say something. Check and ask yourself about the value of your thoughts. Ask yourself: Is what I am currently thinking empowers and supports me or is it something that limits and hinders me?

I hope this article helped you a lot. Until then.


To a Life without Limitations,


P.S. You do not have to be alone in your financial journey. If you feel that it’s time to uncover the beliefs that are holding you back, let me help you. Feel free to book your session here.

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