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2019 Year-End Review and How To Set Goals for 2020

It’s this time of the year again where everyone feels excited and nervous. Excited for another year.  Excited for new goals, excited for new beginnings, excited for creating your new list of things to do, places to go, experiences to enjoy and people to meet. We are all so excited that we forget to do…

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5 Signs That You Have a Teachable Mindset

A wise man knows he doesn’t know everything. A fool thinks he knows everything.   To be teachable is to be able to accept that we don’t know everything and that we can always learn from other people.   I believe the five traits that all teachable person possess are these:     They have a growth mindset   Teachable…

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12 Questions You Should Start Asking Yourself

12 Questions You Should Start Asking Yourself   It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question. – Eugene Ionesco   Remember a moment in your life where you are listening to your professor. You are very eager to learn until she said something that you cannot understand.   You want to raise your hand…

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6 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

You have just received fantastic news that you just had a salary increase because of your excellent job performance. You are happy, delighted and grateful and jumping with joy. As you are about to leave the office, you saw an email announcement that one of your friends in the same department was promoted. Suddenly, you…

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What I Have Learned About Helping People

Helping Others Coach Jennifer Letran Happy Hub Life Coaching

I started my life coaching journey last July 2018. Looking back, there were a lot of things that I have learned that opened my eyes about helping people. The first thing I have learned is, change begins within ourselves. Throughout my coaching journey, I have realised that every one of us wants to change everything…

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