6 Wonderful Reminders to Live Your Best Life

Here are 6 Wonderful Reminders to Live Your Best Life now:   1. Know Your Purpose Before you start your day, ask yourself, “What do I need to accomplish?” “What is my intention?” Creating a sense of meaning of whatever you will be doing at the start of your day will give yourself that sense of…

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How to Stay Positive in Stressful Situations

Staying positive in stressful situations

Sometimes nothing seems to turn out the way you had planned your day. You wake up feeling great, positive and motivated, only to be stressed at the middle of the day because of traffic, an unexpected meeting, an irate phone call from a client, a sale that didn’t push through, a sudden delay in your…

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Achieve, Persevere, Avoid or Eliminate?

There’s an American consultant by the name of Fred Nickols, he developed a simple framework for us to be able to make more smart choices about our lives especially when it comes to our goal and priorities. In this simple framework, he developed four questions to asked ourselves to determine our objective: 1. What are…

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8 Habitudes to Make Your Life Happier

Here are 8 Habitudes that I personally created to make your life happier. These are the things I practised every day and so far, it never failed me. 1. Count your blessings at the start of your day Write down the things that you currently have and read them every morning Remember your friends and…

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