My Prayer for My Soon to Be Husband

Ikaw na ba si Mr. Right? Ikaw na ba love of my life? Ikaw na ba ang icing sa cupcake ko? As a woman, we all want to have that Mr. Right in our lives. We all want to experience to love and be loved in return. I have been in that same situation before…

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4 Things We Need to Let Go

We all have our own ups and down this year. As the year comes to a close, let us reflect and think about things that we need to let go. That way, we can start fresh as we change our calendars to 2016. I have listed four things that we can leave behind with 2015.…

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What Loving Yourself Means

Loving yourself is not simply making yourself look good. More than physical, loving yourself should come from the inside. Like what H. Eker said in his best-selling book, “Your inner world reflects your outer world”.  So that means that if you think you are ugly then you’ll find yourself ugly. If you think you’re not…

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