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Investing 101: What You Should Know Before Investing

You might be reading this because you finally want to invest but you don’t really know where to start. I created this Investing 101 to explain to you the basics. I remember how I opened my first BPI Trade account (an online trading platform in the Philippines) and closing it just after 3 months because…

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4 Incredibly Cheaper Alternatives to Grab

Alternatives to Grab

Knock knock! Who’s there? Uber and Grab, Uber and Grab who? It must have been Grab, but it’s Uber now. – Marj Duterte We will all miss Uber here in the Philippines but there’s still Grab. Unfortunately, I have read many rants that Grab had now monopolized the Philippine market and had been charging fares…

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10 Money Saving Hacks for your Next Travel!

Well, well, well, sa dami ng mga kaibigan natin na pumapasyal sa maraming dako ng mundo, isa rin sa mga pangarap natin kahit papaano ay ang puntahan ang mga bansang hindi pa natin napupuntahan o malibot ang Pilipinas at ang kaakit akit na tanawin nito. Ngunit, siyempre, gusto rin natin makasulit di ba? Hindi naman…

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Will You Pass this 1 minute Financial Literacy Test?

Nowadays, financial literacy is really important. We talk about money every day. From the salary we receive, the bills we need to pay, our accounts with the bank, the stock market. Everything we do involves money. But come to think of it, do we really know the simplest money principles? Below are three questions that…

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