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4 Incredibly Cheaper Alternatives to Grab

Alternatives to Grab

Knock knock! Who’s there? Uber and Grab, Uber and Grab who? It must have been Grab, but it’s Uber now. – Marj Duterte We will all miss Uber here in the Philippines but there’s still Grab. Unfortunately, I have read many rants that Grab had now monopolized the Philippine market and had been charging fares…

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Why you should consider Retail Treasury Bonds

Good news!!!! The long wait is over! Last September 2, 2016, the Bureau of Treasury (BTr) announced the offering of its retail treasury bonds. According to BTr, the 10-year debt paper, which is the eighteenth tranche of the Peso-denominated retail bond offering of the government, aims to reach a wider retail investor base. Treasurer Roberta…

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Am I Covered? – Deposit Insurance by PDIC

A lot of people would always want to put their money in a savings account or in a time deposit account simply because of this – PDIC (Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation) covered. But what does this include and exclude and what are the things to remember when it comes to it? Below are the important things…

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9 Ways to Safeguard your Bank Accounts from Identity Theft

Nowadays, many people’s accounts are being hacked. From ATM Skimming to Identity Theft and Unauthorized Credit Card Usage, thieves have gone tech-savvy and more sophisticated that we need to be more vigilant than ever before. How do we prevent these things from happening? Here are some of my tips that I really follow and practice…

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