Investing 101: What You Should Know Before Investing

You might be reading this because you finally want to invest but you don’t really know where to start. I created this Investing 101 to explain to you the basics. I remember how I opened my first BPI Trade account (an online trading platform in the Philippines) and closing it just after 3 months because…

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Why PSEi may Hit 18,000 points by year 2025

After the enlightening talks of Mr. Velarde and Mr. Lee, COL’s Fund Analyst, Mr. Marvin Fausto went onstage as he tied up the morning’s wealth of informative discussions with a reiteration on Smart investing.   Here are the 5 Basic Principles of SMART Investing, as imparted by Mr Marvin Fausto:   S – Stay Invested…

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Why you should consider Retail Treasury Bonds

Good news!!!! The long wait is over! Last September 2, 2016, the Bureau of Treasury (BTr) announced the offering of its retail treasury bonds. According to BTr, the 10-year debt paper, which is the eighteenth tranche of the Peso-denominated retail bond offering of the government, aims to reach a wider retail investor base. Treasurer Roberta…

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