Staying Away From Debt

10 Powerful Bible Verses to a Wealthy Life

Bible Verses

The Bible is probably one of the greatest books ever made as a guide to help us in our daily lives. But do you know that it contains many powerful verses about how to handle our finances? We will look at these 10 powerful bible verses that will help us to live a wealthy life. Most…

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The SMART Way to Use your Credit Card

Credit Card

Since Christmas is fast approaching, one of the most common problems of Filipinos is being in debt during this season. As we all know, this is a season of celebration and of giving. Most of us would want to make our friends and family happy by enjoying the long weekend. Some would want to go…

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9 Ways to Safeguard your Bank Accounts from Identity Theft

Nowadays, many people’s accounts are being hacked. From ATM Skimming to Identity Theft and Unauthorized Credit Card Usage, thieves have gone tech-savvy and more sophisticated that we need to be more vigilant than ever before. How do we prevent these things from happening? Here are some of my tips that I really follow and practice…

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