As a personal coach, I work with a wide range of clients and offer a highly personalised approach tailored to each individual.
Together, we’ll work towards a more creative, fulfilled and happier you!
I offer sessions face-to-face or over the phone.
Once you have booked any program, it will always direct you to starting with a Complimentary 30-minutes Breakthrough Session where we get to know more about each other before going into the program.



I will guide you into 4 empowering sessions where you will GAIN FINANCIAL CLARITY. 

We will dive deep into your Money History as well as your current finances so we can move forward.

  • 1 hour money consultation 
  • 4 private coaching sessions
  • Personalised Coaching Report
  • Email support 24/7
  • We will meet once a week through zoom or we can talk over the phone 
  • Together, we will make a personalised wealth plan based based on your unique skills, abilities, and resources to support your financial wellness.
  • You will gain access to financial tools and resources to help you cement your new money habits
  • Email support 24/7


  • Learn how your personal stories about money is affecting your ability to earn
  • Discover your money personality type and how you can use it at your advantage
  • Have someone accountable for you so you can really start saving and spending mindfully
  • Know money mindfulness techniques to help you stay focus and aware
  • Discover your decision buying strategy!
  • And more!

Are you still stuck towards reaching your financial goals or even confused about what you should be focusing first when it comes to your finances?

Are you struggling to pay off your debts?

Are you having a hard time to talk about money and ask for money?

A money coach gives you accountability to help you take action to achieve results faster. 

A money coach is not a therapist, psychologist or a mentor. 

We help our clients find their own answers and also helping them build a better mindset and belief towards themselves!

  • DO YOU OFFER just per session coaching?

I recommend at least 4 sessions to get the biggest breakthrough and ensure the changes last. I do offer one-off sessions for a very specific need. The cost of this is $250.00.


You can simply turn up as you are and allow me to lead you. This is the beauty of coaching - I help you draw the best answers out of yourself to get you the life you want and deserve. 

Jemelyn Songalia

Facebook Strategist/ Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer

Marie Mapa Dizon

Project Manager / Training Consultant / Speaker


My coaching model is centred in 3Cs - Clarity, Congruence and Confidence.

Each program walks you with this each step.

Before finishing any program, I make sure you are ready to become your own best coach.

Why Choose Me as Your Coach?

I value your time and I value your well-being. As a results coach, I always see to it that you’ll get what you want.

You will walk away with every coaching session being more empowered and focused.

My coaching tools are powerful, simple, up-to-date and effective.

My values are integrity, excellence and transparency for my business.

You can read more  about me here, as well as my coaching signature coaching style.

You are amazing. You have a lot to give.

You don't have to be alone in this journey.

Send a message below for all enquiries and questions. I look forward to assisting you.

“Jennifer has helped me clear my blocks and limiting beliefs about myself.”


I was seeking to get coaching to know how does coaching work. To have that experience myself before becoming a coach. I also had some blocks about my competence which I wanted to overcome.

I was seeking clarity of thought and confidence in myself which I couldn’t find on my own but this coaching really helped me through it.

I have found a sense of comfort and purpose through this coaching. Jennifer has helped me clear my blocks and limiting beliefs about myself. I feel in tune and prepared to actually take action towards working on my goals.

The most useful has been the approach Jennifer has towards any problem. It was something that I learnt from her - how not to get discouraged through situations and break them down in bite-size chunks and then solve them. She makes everything simple yet fun!

Just want to say that it has been great working with Jennifer and I am glad she was my first coach. The amount of time and effort you put into this experience is commendable. I have the utmost respect for you.

Thank you so much for guiding me through this.

Vaishnavi Mishra - Anxiety Coach/Marketing Manager

“I was able to pinpoint my goals, both short and long-term. I was able to identify my core values and hidden rules. I got to know myself in a deeper way.”


I was on the verge of giving up to depression because all my plans didn't work out. Almost every night, I was crying myself to sleep. I barely message or text people. Then, Coach Jen came. The first session came, I was kind of hesitant to open up but she assured me that the coaching will be free from any judgement.

As the coaching progresses from the second session to the third session and up until my 10th session, I slowly but surely knew myself better. My values, my priorities and even my fears from the past that I did not know still existed in my memory.

This coaching helped me to face and conquer those fears, giving it a little tweak and made it a powerful declaration of my success instead of failure. That even my ugliest and unwanted state of mind turned out to be beautiful.

I was able to pinpoint my goals, both short and long-term. I was able to identify my core values and hidden rules (which you will learn as well if you will undergo coaching with Coach Jen). I got to know myself in a deeper way, something I have not done before. I felt like I am someone new. It's like I was born again with a new perspective, new insight and a positive view of life.

Then just recently, she taught me how to interpret my dreams. Isn't it amazing? But not in a voodoo or witchcraft way. I think she does it in a psychological and professional way. Do you want to interpret yours?

Just a little heads up, at the end of your coaching session, she will not be just your coach but a confidant as well. Her coaching is worth every penny, worth every second of your time.

Our coaching or my coaching rather is almost over but I know our coach-coachee relationship will continue. By the way, learning with you Coach Jen is my biggest win throughout this journey.

Rutty Tuyor - Data Entry Specialist

“You are always there to listen to me while I uncover what I wasn't seeing!”


The importance of balance:

To get what we want, sometimes we need to look at what isn't working, and decipher what need this behaviour is meeting, in order to construct a resourceful way to meet this need!

Thank you, Jennifer, for helping me uncover what I need to work on to get what I want!

You are always there to listen to me while I uncover what I wasn't seeing!

You are an excellent facilitator for change and I am grateful to have you as my life coach! 💖

Amy Isabelle Duncan - Meditation Practitioner, Health and Wellness Holistic Life Coach

“I always felt safe and supported, yet also moving out of my comfort bubble and linear thinking”


My name is Darija and I am a first aid trainer and stress release coach.

I found it difficult to ask for payments and even the money I was owed. I had such a hard time receiving money or anything else. This has been affecting my work and the quality of my life.

During my coaching with Jennifer, I always felt safe and supported, yet also moving out of my comfort bubble and linear thinking about how I have to fix something in me. I became hopeful and as a perfectionist allowed myself to take one small step towards building a better relationship with money and wealth in my life.

I am on day 65 of doing, feeling and being with my new money mantra and it feels great. I can see myself succeeding as a profitable business that helps many as opposed to just giving my power away. I am more open to receiving and opportunities are coming my way. Like breathing, I now know I need to breathe in first in order to breath out. So I am learning to take care of myself first and my life is changing for the better.

I love working with Jennifer as she gave me a simple enough task, so I could succeed and show myself that it is possible for me and I can do this. I can finish things and I deserve to receive all the good things I desire. Thank you for being loving and kind and listening to me and not overwhelming me. I am very grateful for your support and this growth opportunity.

Darija Fatovic - Stress Release Coach

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