What if there is another way to finally overcome your financial doubt, dilemma and stress without dealing with "numbers?"

The good news is there is another way and it is through Money Coaching - a behavioural approach to look into the root cause of your money choices and decisions.

Through this coaching, we will combine the psychological, emotional and spiritual side of money to help you identify and transform your money beliefs and patterns.

As a Certified Money Coach, we will look at your results, your actions and most especially your thoughts about money.

It's how you feel, think and react with your money that we would be working out most of the time. 

My Money Coaching Framework is a step by step process where we will peel every layer of your money experience in a way that is thought provoking, insightful and transforming.

Believe me when I say that no amount of head knowledge and practical knowledge will help you change your results unless you have identified the roots of those results.

We will question your beliefs, and dive deep on your thoughts and money experiences and transform your Money Mindset so you can start loving your money again!

Are you ready to feel better, happier and more positive about your money relationship?

Are you ready to finally give yourself permission to do something about your finances?

Are you ready to finally invest on something that will help you understand your money emotions, confusions and drama about money?

Are you ready to have someone who can really listen to you and tell you honestly what's working or not?

Are you ready for a positive change?

Step 1 - Schedule your FREE Consult

Let us do this consult and have a bigger picture of what is currently happening in your life right now and check if I can really help you. =)

Step 2 - CHOOSE the PROGRAM that is RIGHT for you:

1. Money Mindset Reset Program

  • create compassion and understanding where your money patterns originated and move forward from that
  • replace your biggest money blocks that is holding you back and create a new belief
  • overcome past financial trauma, shame, guilt, fear or trapped emotions through NLP (neur0-linguistic programming) and guided hypnosis track
  • understand your core and shadow values and Finally use your money on what's important for you.
  • Walk away with new healthier money habits, choices and decisions.

2. WIN your DEBT Program

  • Uses the 5A method: Awareness, assessment, alignment, aspirations, aTTAINMENT
  • USES the objective-subjective approach.  Learn to understand the numbers behind your debt in a personal and relational level
  • ART of FORGIVING your debt and being at peace with it 
  • 4 PROVEN STEPS in paying off your debts and the good news is you get to choose the best step that will work for yOU
  • GET OUT OF DEBT is just the beginning. In this program, I will help you understand that paying it off is not the goal but who you are becoming with your relationship with money is.

If you are ready and if you no longer want to stay STUCK, OVERWHELMED and FRUSTRATED about your money, then let's work together.

Who is this program for?

This is for men or women who wants to understand their relationship with money and who wants to put a stop on their unhelpful money patterns, behaviours and habits. 

This is also for anyone who is having a hard time to feel good about their money relationship and for anyone who have some beliefs about money that is blocking them to earn more income or create more opportunities for themselves.

Will this course help me earn more income in my work or business?

Although this is not a sales program or marketing program, the transformation in mindset that you will have after this sessions will definitely help you move forward in your current work or business because of your new money mindset. How we deal with money personally would most probably the same on how we deal with it in our work or business. So any changes in your relationship with money personally will definitely affect your work and business as well.


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

I do not offer a money back guarantee simply because I am 100% sure that this program will help you transform your relationship with money. 


I have a lot of debts, will this program help?

I have helped clients zero out their credit card debts because of this program. When we talk about debts, we have to understand that there is a underlying reason why this person is still in debt and is choosing to be in debt.  In my coaching program, we will discover the root cause of this so it will be avoided and hopefully eliminated.


Do you have FREE materials that I can start with?

I always publish my contents in my Instagram and Facebook page. You can dive deep into that. I also have Facebook Videos available that you can watch from my Facebook page as well as articles from my blog in this website.



Darija Fatovic Stress Release Coach

I am on day 65 of doing, feeling and being with my new money mantra and it feels great. I can see myself succeeding as a profitable business that helps many as opposed to just giving my power away.

My name is Darija and I am a first aid trainer and stress release coach.

I found it difficult to ask for payments and even the money I was owed. I had such a hard time receiving money or anything else. This has been affecting my work and the quality of my life.

During my coaching with Jennifer, I always felt safe and supported, yet also moving out of my comfort bubble and linear thinking about how I have to fix something in me. I became hopeful and as a perfectionist allowed myself to take one small step towards building a better relationship with money and wealth in my life.

I am on day 65 of doing, feeling and being with my new money mantra and it feels great. I can see myself succeeding as a profitable business that helps many as opposed to just giving my power away. I am more open to receiving and opportunities are coming my way. Like breathing, I now know I need to breathe in first in order to breath out. So I am learning to take care of myself first and my life is changing for the better.

I love working with Jennifer as she gave me a simple enough task, so I could succeed and show myself that it is possible for me and I can do this. I can finish things and I deserve to receive all the good things I desire. Thank you for being loving and kind and listening to me and not overwhelming me. I am very grateful for your support and this growth opportunity.

Ybrahim Camero Life Coach

Now after understanding and discovering a lot of things, I am more confident than ever that I can definitely achieve my financial goals.

I have the fantastic opportunity to work with Jennifer as my Money Coach, it was the first time that I actually decided to face this situation as I was feeling totally stuck and confused about my financial situation, carrying with me a heavy load of thoughts and beliefs that were actually not helping me at all.

During this fascinating journey with Jennifer, I could understand the origin of those beliefs, which was a great breakthrough as for me understanding is solving and more important moving forward.

Jenniffer was always there asking the right questions and making me feel understood and respected.

Now after understanding and discovering a lot of things, I am more confident than ever that I can definitely achieve my financial goals.

Stevanda Rantung Self-Employed

The best 60 minutes I've ever spent.

Thank you, Jennifer.

The best 60 minutes I've ever spent. Jennifer helped me to see the things that I couldn't see, that my belief about money is actually related to my misconception about my self worth, and even pinpoint on what I think I knew but in reality, I don't know yet ☺️

I'll definitely refer my friends to you.

You're amazing! 🤩👍

Sean Tan

My biggest wins? I think closing down my St George Credit card was a great step, and also identifying my Top 8 Money Values.

Hi Jen,

No, thank you because you have helped me greatly, so I should be thanking you for being part of my Life's journey.

I am very glad to provide feedback:

I came to you because I saw your FB page on Money Orange and after reading it, I believe you could help me manage my finances. My biggest financial challenges were the credit card debts and living paycheck to paycheck, but through our sessions we managed to identify my limiting Money Beliefs and Values, and came up with solutions on how to turn them into positive Beliefs and Values. I also discovered that my spending does not reflect my Money Values, and this has given me a guide on how I should spend my money, moving forward.

My biggest wins? I think closing down my St George Credit card was a great step, and also identifying my Top 8 Money Values. I certainly have emerged more optimistic and hopeful regarding financial wellbeing, and thank you so much for your detailed feedback. Most importantly, it is ok to have a desire to accumulate wealth and it is nothing to be ashamed of. In some cases, God has blessed rich people.

Money = My Potential. The 3 positive affirmations:

1) I am living for the future

2) I am confident/bold about money

3) I am positive about money

I liked how you follow up with me and kept me up to date with your inspiring affirmations for the day.

I would gladly recommend MoneyOrange via Facebook, and even on my LinkedIn NewsFeed.

Kate Walton Fertility Coach

I would highly recommend her as a money coach!

I’ve recently completed a money/finance coaching package with Jennifer & I’m so pleased I committed to the process 😊

Before we started I was feeling really overwhelmed & out of control with finances & how to move forward. I now feel like “I’ve got this” & more in control with how to move forward & how not to fall into old habits.

Jennifer was super friendly, helpful & insightful & also intuitive. I would highly recommend her as a money coach!