Sometimes nothing seems to turn out the way you had planned your day. You wake up feeling great, positive and motivated, only to be stressed at the middle of the day because of traffic, an unexpected meeting, an irate phone call from a client, a sale that didn’t push through, a sudden delay in your flight or a small fight with your loved one.

Maintaining a positive attitude or being in a state of positivity can help alleviate your stress and boost your mental and emotional health. So when you feel like you have hit a dead end, and starting to have that sense of negativity, stop!

Here are a few tips on how to remain positive even in challenging situations:


Be Encouraging and Kind


A good day lies within our power to create. If you want to have a good positive day, be intentional by being encouraging and kind to yourself. Double this by giving attention, compassion and support to other people and see how much goodness lies within you.


Focus on What is Good


When you are in a stressful situation, ask yourself, “What is this situation teaching me right now?” When we focus on what we can learn and what is good in a negative situation, we will realise that it is not that bad at all.

When your boss called for an unexpected meeting, it might be a chance for you to let them know how you are feeling about your work.

When a client didn’t push through with your product, it might be a wonderful lesson to check how you are communicating with them and revise your marketing spiel.

When your flight gets delayed, it might be saving you for a sudden storm or it might also give yourself the ability to be more patient or the chance to connect with other people.

Rather than focusing on what is not working, we can choose to focus on what is working and what is good.


Check your Thoughts


As you start your day, what are the things you are saying to yourself?

Do you spoil a wonderful day before it even starts? 

Before you even start to work, do you say to yourself, “I’ll be having a lot of stress.”

By seeing how you ruin perfectly good days, you always have a choice to put a STOP to it and turn it around into something more resourceful.


Accept Surprises


I have always been a planner in my life and when things are beyond my control, I would really feel stressed out.

However, once I have accepted the things “I cannot change,” I always feel so much better. It saves me time in worrying and stressing out and lets me focused more. Once I have accepted that “I’ll be late for work”, I can think of other thoughts that would make me happy rather than dwelling on something that I cannot control.

Once I have accepted that “Today, I will be given more tasks than yesterday,” I can be more focused and I can think of more ways on how I can be more productive.


Check How You Treat Other People


If you are stressed because someone treated you badly, check if you also treated them badly.

If people are kind to us and if they loved us, it maybe because we also treated them in kinder and loving ways.

Choose to explore how your treatment of others has also affected their treatment of you. You might be surprised at how this can impact your life and even change how you treat others as well.


Count Your Blessings


Regardless of how rough things are, if you think about it, there are a lot of things to be grateful for.

Whether it’s waking up beside the person you love, having a soft pillow to sleep on, eating a wonderful breakfast or having a job while a lot of people is jobless.

By revisiting everything you have in your life, you can’t hold on negativities. You will feel confident, proud and positive. There are countless things you can be thankful about so start listing it all down.


Reward Yourself


Life can be really stressful and overwhelming so do not forget to reward yourself for being good at your job, for sticking to your goals and for not giving up!

When you achieve something, regardless of how little it is, pat yourself in the back for a job well done and be your best encourager and cheerleader.

When you reward yourself, you’ll feel better and you know that you are actually doing something good in your life.

The list of ways that you can reward yourself is endless. It can be as simple as a $1 dollar ice cream, a walk in the park or a small chat with your best friend you haven’t spoken with. 

Whatever it is, give that small treat to yourself.

Life can really be unexpected and events and people which forms are environment can easily trigger us from a positive state to a negative state.

But remember this, if you can stay positive in a negative situation YOU WIN.


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