Ikaw na ba si Mr. Right? Ikaw na ba love of my life? Ikaw na ba ang icing sa cupcake ko?

As a woman, we all want to have that Mr. Right in our lives. We all want to experience to love and be loved in return. I have been in that same situation before and one thing that helped me find my husband is praying for that person even though I have not met him yet. 

This prayer is something I created to guide me and to help me communicate to God who I wanted for a husband as I am preparing myself too.

I hope this prayer will guide you and will also help you create your own prayer in finding the right man for you.

I believe that God is not blind to see the deepest desires of your heart and I know He is not also deaf to hear the whispers of your heart. So just let go and let God listen to you.


My Prayer for My Soon to Be Husband


Dear Lord, I pray for my soon to be husband. As I am preparing myself to be Ms. Right, I know that Mr. Right is just near.

Lord, help me to be open-minded and help me look beyond the physical appearance of a man. Keep me away from “guys” who doesn’t share same beliefs, same values and principles that I have.

Lord, give me a husband who is first, God-fearing, who knows how to pray and how to be thankful everyday, who knows how to kneel when he makes a mistake. Who uses his head before letting his emotions consume him, who obeys You and respects his parents and sisters in Christ.

Lord, give me a loving husband who is very patient in understanding my shortcomings, who is very humble in saying sorry and admitting his mistakes when we argue.

Lord, give me a man who knows what he wants in his life and who plans for his future. A man who will give me security and who will be the head of the family.

Lord, direct me to the man who will be faithful and honest to me like how He is faithful with Your teachings.

Lord, give me a man who knows how to laugh at his mistakes and who knows how to take things lightly. A man who could crack a joke and put a smile in my face whenever I’m lonely.

Give me a husband who will play with my children, who will sing with them and who will tell them stories before they sleep. Someone who they can look up to as their role model.

And lastly Lord, give me a man who is like Jesus. A man who will love me unconditionally and who will never count nor be boastful of what he could give to my family.

A man whose love centers in generosity, in humility, in faithfulness and spirituality.

Give me this man who will be a great example to all other man out there.

Lord, give me this man who will embrace my imperfections.

As I pray this Lord, teach me also to be the RIGHT woman.

To project beauty that makes other people happy and inspired. Make me a beautiful woman that exudes confidence and integrity in my actions. A beautiful woman who respects herself and who know what she’s worth.

A woman who values herself and looks at beauty as something invisible. That when others see me, they see a woman with modesty, a woman of value and principle.

Make me a woman, who is patient in nurturing other people as this will help me nurture my future kids. Give me infinite patience in handling arguments and in dealing with my husband.

Harness my skills in cooking and household so that whenever my husband is home, he’ll realize how good it is to finally be home and to rest in a beautiful house.

Give me also a sense of appreciation that I may always compliment my husband for his work.

Let jealousy and envy leave our house as it does not have any place between us.

I know my role as a woman and we have different strengths and weaknesses that makes us perfect.

As a woman, let me direct my family to always go to Church and hear the mass.

Lord, these are my wishes. And I hope that soon enough this will all come true.


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