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10 Powerful Quotes that Will Really Change Your Life
10 Powerful Quotes that Will Really Change Your Life

It was once said that “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” But there are moments that we cannot find the motivation that we greatly need to carry us throughout the day. So what I did was I collected some of the most powerful quotes I have in my journal that created an impact on how I am living my life now. And today, I want to share them with you. I hope these 10 powerful quotes will jumpstart your day to win your mornings and change your life for the better!

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. – Stephen Covey


Unless we accept ourselves and believe that we have everything that we need, we can never be successful in this life. Life is really a product of our decisions. Stop blaming your parents, stop telling yourself you’re poor. You can always turn your life around and make better decisions today to make your life better.

Read the life of Nick Vujicic, Helen Keller, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Stephen Hawking. These are just a few people that although they have been disabled, they still succeeded in their lives. And there a lot more stories to tell. Don’t let what happened to you dictate what will happen next to you.


Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. – W. Clement Stone


A wonderful speaker I’ve listened to before said this: “There will be many open doors but focus on where God has called you.” Opportunities will open up everywhere. A lot of people will invite you to join them. You will also have a lot of things that you want to do in your life but we have to choose. You have to choose where you want to go and in what area do you want to excel.

As what Bruce Lee would say, “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” Being a jack of all trades will not help you in this age where specialization and higher skills are needed. You have to be great at something. And to do that, define your greatest major purpose. Define what you want to accomplish  If you know where you are going, and why you are going there, the how and the steps will eventually all follow. It will eliminate all the clutter and distractions. Definiteness of purpose narrows down our energy and helps us save more time.

Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution or service. – Earl Nightingale


There are no shortcuts to success. If you want a rewarding life, you have to ask yourself if you’re giving enough. Nowadays, people would easily complain about their work and wonder why they are still there – in that same position, in that same role. We seldom asked ourselves: “Am I adding value to my work, to my knowledge or to this life every day?” If you want to be a great author, how much time to do you spend on reading books? If you want to be a great writer, how many articles do you write every day? If you want to be a great salesperson, how many clients do you call or meet? If you want to be a speaker when was the last time you’ve practised to talk in front of the mirror or created ways on how you can improve more? If you want to be a great vlogger, when was the last time you’ve uploaded a new vlog? If you want to be an entrepreneur, what steps have you done to learn from those whose been successful already?

Don’t ask for rewards unless you have given something in return. There’s no such thing as nothing for something. There’s no free lunch. Even Newton’s third law of motion would state that, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”


However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. – Stephen Hawking


When I look at Youtube and search for an interesting post, a LOT of recommended videos would always pop out into the screen. I’ve always wondered HOW these people manage to compete knowing that there is a lot of information and content already available.

But you know what? I believe that even if you’ll start just today, you can still succeed. Here’s why. A lot of people start strong but few people finish well. We always underestimate what we can do three years from now. If we could just focus and never give up, I think many would become billionaires! The problem is people STOP and QUIT too early. They change their goals and then start again but when difficulty arrives, they quit again. So here’s my advice, do not discourage yourself thinking that you can never be successful just because a lot of people are successful. You can still succeed. The world is thirsting for more people like you who can be a testament to the words: Hard Work Pays Off.


Adversity makes men and prosperity makes monsters. – Victor Hugo


Do you want to be resilient? Do you want to be wiser? Do you want to be better? Do you want to become stronger? Then, welcome Pain, welcome Discomfort, welcome Inconvenience, welcome Suffering, welcome Discouragements, welcome Rejections, welcome Hurt, welcome Disappointments, welcome FAILURES.

Instead of asking for life to be easy, challenge yourself. Be comfortable to be uncomfortable and you will soon realize how thrilling it is not just to live but to FEEL what it is to truly live. You’ll understand that all these experiences will shape you to become you that is worth becoming. All the great men from our history and the successful men we all know suffered and experienced pain that made them who they are now. Some even turned their pain into their life’s purpose.

Welcome adversity and your life will change.

As what Muhammad Ali said, ‘I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ 


I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe, you’ve received it, it will be yours. – Jesus, from the Gospel of Mark


Unless you believe in yourself, in what you can do and in your purpose or maybe goal in your life, you cannot achieve anything. We all now these words: Faith is believing without seeing. If we’d apply to that to our dreams, faith is believing that our dreams will definitely come true even though we cannot see it yet at this moment.

As Denzel Washington said in his famous commencement speech,

Say thank you in advance for what is already yours. True desire in the heart for anything good is God’s proof to you sent beforehand to indicate that it’s YOURS already.

The person who believes in himself or herself and in the fruition of his or her dreams is already one step ahead of the race.

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your dreams? Do you believe you can be successful? Don’t be afraid to believe. Have faith. BELIEVE and erase all self-doubts. Because if you doubt yourself, even our Lord will be hesitant to give you that thing that you want to receive.

From the book of James:

But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse. – Florence Nightingale


I don’t have time. I don’t have the money. I am not smart. I am old.  I don’t have resources. I don’t know where to start. I’m tired. I don’t feel like doing anything. I will postpone it. There’s still tomorrow. If only I’m wiser. If only I’m richer. If my parents were just generous. If only I graduated from college. If only I worked for that company. If only I was in that country. If only I have better workmates. If only I have a better boss. If only my children are more understanding. If only the government would provide more benefits. I’m caught in traffic. I have a party attending. I’m drunk. I’m sleepy. I’m lonely. I’m lazy. I have many things to do already. I have many responsibilities. If only they would allow me.

I cannot write any more alibis or excuses. It’s quite draining. If you keep on letting these excuses control your life then you can never be really the captain of your own ship. If you’ll argue with this limitations, you get to keep them and you’d be a prisoner.

You have to start being in control, guarding your emotion and be more mentally tough to focus and prioritize what it is that you really want to achieve.

Stop making excuses and wasting more time. Start doing.

George Eliot

It’s never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot


Harland “The Colonel” Sanders famous for his chicken recipe, became successful at the age of 62.

Ray Kroc, after persuading the original owner of McDonald to let him franchise it until he eventually purchased the company became successful at the age of 52.

Our favourite personality for his Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, only became successful at the age of 39 to think that he already loved writing and creating comics while he was still young. I watched his autobiography and I remembered how he struggled along the way when comics became a controversy affecting young children’s behavior, but they persisted!

The famous Henry Ford who became successful at the age of 40. What I liked about Henry Ford is that he is very decisive and he never gave up. He believed in what he believed until his men created what they thought is impossible to create, the Model T car.

These and a lot more stories that you can find in the internet.

It’s never too late. You just have to keep on moving forward. As what Og Mandino would always say, I will persist until I succeed.

Winston Churchill

From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life. – Winston Churchill


As what Tom Bilyeau said, life is about neurochemistry. It’s about the relationship, the connection and that feeling of fulfilment that we achieve in contributing to the world that makes this life worth living.

I don’t know what your goals are, but let’s be honest, how did it feel when you have helped someone achieve their goal? How did it feel when you were able to give to someone who cannot repay you? How did it feel when you gave your time to listen to someone who had lost his loved one? How did it feel when you’re able to teach your children and they told you how great you are as a parent?

That feeling of giving ourselves to others is I think what this life is really all about. It has never been about success. Success is just a result. When we are able to give ourselves, life becomes more meaningful. Life is life in its totality. It gives us life.

And it can never be truer. I remember that I had a talk before as far as Cagayan Valley. I rode a bus and spent almost 7 hours travel time. I went there to conduct a financial seminar. The trip was exhausting but I felt happy, excited and motivated even though I’m alone and it was inconvenient to go there.

After I presented, the feeling of being able to impart wisdom and help other people is irreplaceable. And I think it’s the same feeling we deeply crave into our soul. That feeling of being connected and being able to make a difference in the lives of other people. That feeling that we have been useful.

So whatever it is that you’re doing, I hope you live not just to get rich and be comfortable. Live to give and to make this world better. Live to love others.


Your passion is for you, your purpose is for others. – Jay Shetty


Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. – Aristotle


I like this quote a lot and I like to end it with this quote.

When we enjoy what we are currently doing, work will become easier and progress from that work will become faster.

Whatever it is that you’re doing now, I hope it makes you happy. I know that we might be working in a job that is not as rewarding and pleasurable as it can be. I am not encouraging you to quit because I hate quitting.

But, ask yourself, what do I want in my life? Is it because I am not in the right occupation that I feel that I’m not enjoying my work? What could I do moving forward?

It is only by enjoying what we do that we could find perfection in what we do because if we love what we are the doing, we immensely focus on mastering that craft. And no matter how hard or challenging it might be we press on because we are enjoying every single thing about it. So whatever it is, search for it. Find it.

There would be big mountains and rivers to cross but as long as you are happy and there’s a great purpose in what you do, indeed, pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

I hope these 10 quotes helped you a lot in your life!

How about you? What’s your favourite quote that motivates or inspires you?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts or questions.

I would love to hear from YOU!

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7 Incredible Ways to Effective Goal Setting and How To Achieve Them

We usually create our goals at the start of the year. We write the things we want to achieve for a specific year without realising that our goals should be really a “lifetime commitment” to where we really hope to see ourselves in the future.

Our goals every day should add up to that big audacious goal that we visualise ourselves doing in the future, it should add up to our ultimate personal goal for ourselves.

However, even though we have our goals set up for the future, our problem lies in how we could really achieve our goal every day and in how to really create an effective one.

So to be able to do that, I’m here to help you create a Goal-Setting guide that will put your goals into ACTION!

MAP your goals in a time horizon.

Create a short-term goal for this year and a long-range goal for the next 2-3 years, for the next 5-10 years and for your ultimate life goal. If you can put some pictures on your goals it would also be better. The more detailed it is, the great. But do not let perfectionism destroy the very purpose of your goals. Do not be very stubborn to adjust your goals or strategies if really needed.

Mapping your goals will give you a hindsight for where your focus should be NOW in order for you to reach that ultimate goal for the future. It will help you understand that NOW is connected to your future and it will help not waste your time now because it will eventually all ADD up.

Here’s an example of mapping your horizon and looking it in a way that should be connected to what you must be doing every day. This is from the book, One Thing:

From the book One Thing by Gary Keller



Focus on the most important thing that you can do NOW

After mapping out your goals, write the various activities that you need to do NOW in order to reach your goal for a week that will help you achieve your goal for a month that will help improve your goal for the quarter and then ultimately for a year that is also connected on that last part of your goal map.  This goal setting plan to the NOW came from Gary Keller:


From the book One Thing by Gary Keller

In the book One Thing by Gary Keller, the author also keeps on saying that you just need to ask this one question every day to help you FOCUS on what you really need to do “NOW”:

What’s the ONE THING I can do right now such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

For example:

Professional Development Goal:

What’s the one thing I can do right now to hit my sales targets?

What’s the one thing I can do right now to improve my skills?

Personal Development Goal:

What’s the one thing I can do right now to improve my skill at writing or reading or playing this sport or this musical instrument or painting etcetera?

This book really opened me up to a lot of things and realisations. There are more insights and wonderful tips that this book provided me in order to really help me be productive in my priorities to reach my purpose.

I suggest you get an ebook copy of this book. Here’s the link if you’re interested to add more value to what you know,


Write your goals EFFECTIVELY

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true. – Greg S. Reid

Writing your goal is a very important step because it will help you to really stay focus. It is the first step in making your goals into reality.

Here’s my guide for you on how to effectively create your goal:

  • Write your Goal
  • Why That Goal is Important For You
  • The Powerful Action Steps/the ONE THING You Need to do “now” to arrive at the result
  • The Feeling When You Reach that Goal
  • The Reward You’ll Give to Yourself.

A. In writing your goal, make sure that it is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound.


Ultimate Goal: To be an International Best Selling Author by 2020 with 5million books sold worldwide.

Two-Year Goal: Join a Book Club or Writer’s Club or Find a Mentor/ Start Drafting Your First Book by (write date)

One Year Goal: Create my own ebook about (topic) by  (write date)

6 Months Goal: Create my own (what kind of blog) blog or WordPress website by (write date)

B. You have to know WHY a goal is important. Unless you can see an importance for that goal, you will not have any burning desire to really work for it and you’ll become very timid about it.


Being an author will help me change the lives of people from the stories and novels I write. I want to spark creativity and influence other people to take positive action in their lives by what I write.

C. Today’s GOAL or the Powerful Action Steps/ One Thing to do NOW – Staying committed really requires cultivating small habits or powerful action steps one at a time. According to the latest Psychological Research, the minimum number of days that a person can really develop a habit is 66 days. But regardless of the number, the challenge lies with yourself and how you will use your will-power and most productive part of the day to keep you energised for what’s important. After all, if you’re able to create a good habit, it will stay with you forever.


What’s the one thing I can do today to increase my vocabulary for words:

  • Read 5 chapters of a book

What’s the one thing I can do today to help me write better:

  •  Write at least 500 words per day for any topic

What’s the one thing I can do today to learn more:

  • Watch one Youtube video about writing or making a book

D. It is also important to write the feeling that you will achieve once you have reached that goal


I would be very fulfiled and happy because I know I’ve helped many people through my writing.

E. Reward- In rewarding yourself make sure to celebrate your small winnings in a week in a month after you have been able to continuously develop a good new habit. This reward system is a confidence builder that will remind you that you are achieving something and that you are moving closer and closer to your ultimate goal.

I’ll go on a vacation and spend time with my family. But yes, the reward was already there when I’ve made an impact on other people’s lives.


READ your goals every day

I cannot emphasise the importance of visualisation and be having to repeat something over and over again in your mind. You have to let your subconscious mind think that you are already doing and actually orchestrating the things that are yet to come because it’s really a powerful way to charge your morning. It will keep your focus and it will always remind you especially if you know the PURPOSE of each goal.

Having a calendar would also be great. Mark an “X” for each successful day that you have done something great in achieving your small habits. This will give you momentum and it will give you small winnings to keep you motivated.


Manage your SELF

The best way to achieve any goal is through self-management and discipline. We all know very well what we are actually doing with our time. The problem is we have been used to wasting our time because we feel that no one will check us.

In order to overcome this, you should always remember to read your goals but to also NUMBER your days in a way that would make you fast forward your life on that day that you are already old.

Imagine yourself in the mirror at the age of 65 years old, looking at all your goals not accomplishing anything, would you still SLOW DOWN?

The best way to achieve your goal is to just FORCE yourself every day and to IMAGINE that there will be no more tomorrows left!

WORK on your goals

It is not enough to plan and to visualize. You have to work on them!

Your goals might be similar to the goal of another person but I do not want you to compare yourself. However, I promise you this. There’s one person out there who is already doing what you are not doing right now.

With this information age, the challenge is to really how you will use the knowledge you are receiving and how you will translate it into action the fastest and best way you can.

You have to do something but you must work smarter and faster by making sure that you are always using your time doing something that is connected to your goals.

Be Patient

Achieving your goals and your lifetime dream is a process. We keep on looking at the end result, the future. We keep on daydreaming about ourselves being successful that we lose sight of TODAY, which should be really our ultimate FOCUS.

Success and achievement of any goals worth achieving is a step by step process. You have to stay consistent and be committed until you break your old habits.

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on how you are achieving and creating your goals.

I would love to hear from YOU and other people might also learn from what you will share.  =)

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Habits and Rituals

They say that our habits could either make us or break us and I guess that is right. Cultivate good habits and something good will happen. Feed bad habits and it will destroy you.

But how are we able to create good habits in the first place, according to a 2009 European Psychology Study, it takes about 66 days for a habit to be formed. But this number still varies according to the degree of difficulty of a habit to be formed. Because some habit is easier while others are not. For example, the habit of waking up early maybe much easier than the habit of having to exercise at least one hour per day.

No matter what kind of habit you need to cultivate, I have discovered that doing small things every day is what counts versus doing something big right away. Going big right away usually clouds our minds that although we are motivated at first, we end up demotivated on the latter part and we just choose to give up after because it seems so impossible.

So what have I learned? Simple, inspired by the book Mini-Habits, just create small habits every day and do not force yourself to make big changes right away. Just do some small things consistently and .let it flow until you will no longer notice that it is slowly becoming a habit.

As what the book greatly emphasized:

  • Be the person with embarrassing goals and impressive results instead of one of the many people with impressive goals and embarrassing results.
  • A mini habit is a VERY small positive behavior that you force yourself to do every day.
  • It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It is what we do consistently.

Reflection: Small things are important especially if those small things are built every day. Just as a puzzle. A small piece every day will give you the outcome you want to achieve soon. You just have to put one small piece every day and do not give up until you see the whole picture or habit you are trying to form.

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

I would love to hear from YOU.  =)

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5 Social Productivity Hacks You Should Know

In this article, I will be sharing with you 5 tips that I have been doing these past 6 years for me to be able to work productively and save time while using social media apps and the like.


These tips will not just help you save time, it will also help you to focus more on things that matter. Are you ready? Here we go.


A. Facebook


Do you know what the most powerful tool that I use in Facebook for it to work to my advantage? It’s simple: it’s the SEE FIRST option. Yes! The “see first” option is available not just on your friend’s profile but in all pages that you follow.


So what’s the use of this button once you activate it? As the word suggests, brings up the pages and people that you choose to SEE FIRST on your timeline! This will then help you focus on pages that you think is more important than the others.


Look at the page below from John Maxwell. It’s obvious that it’s one of the pages that I want to see first:



Aside from this, it will also let you SEE FIRST the posts from your friend/ Like this one from a person that I admire:



You could actually put a See First Option just by clicking the area that says “Select more friends and Pages and see their posts at the top of the News Feed.” There will be a STAR  symbol on that person or page once you click it. It will look like this:



Because of this option, you could now see only the POSITIVE and HELPFUL things that could help you with your life. As well as enriching posts and latest updates and news from your favorite page or friend.


If you get irritated or distracted or even demotivated or insecure with the posts your friends are making, of course, there’s also the famous UNFOLLOW button that you could click instead of unfriending someone.



Lastly, you could also TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS for pages that you follow that you think are very important.

As an example, I turned on the notifications from SkyJet’s page just in case there’s another seat sale to Batanes. I also turned on notifications from TED Talk’s page because I find their talks very informative. Because of these notifications, I know I will never MISS any of their important posts.




Conversely, you could also TURN OFF notification from pages and people that does not help you.


B. Email


I consider myself a very organized person and I hate seeing my email like a refrigerator where sodas, cakes, and frozen goods are all stuffed at the same place.

And since I VALUE my time, it is also important for me to be able to find an email as fast as I can when needed. Yes, I know there’s a SEARCH option. But then again, there is a better way to organize your email.

What it is?

Use the FILTER option. The filter option works like this: If you have a message, say from your boss, that message will not go to your inbox. Instead, it will automatically skip the inbox and will be moved to a folder entitled “My Boss Folder,” or any folder that you would like to name it.

What’s good about this FILTER option is it will automatically sort your email the way you want it to be sorted. You just need to create rules for it to follow. This is also helpful especially if you have many subscriptions or newsletter from many sites. If you filter them, it will not bombard your inbox. You could just go to the specified folder and read it anytime you wish.


Filter I made for all Airline Alerts

Filter I made for all Airline Alerts

Filter I made for all my Globe Billing Statements

Filter I made for all my Globe Billing Statements


As you can see on the left pane of my GMAIL, I have many filters/folders. I have a filter from my boss, I have a filter for airline newsletters, I have a filter for Jobstreet, I have a filter for billing statements etcetera. Because of this, my inbox is always clean and organized!


How to create Filters? Just go to your mail’s SETTING and click on the filter tab. You just need to create your own rule. For example, for my first filter, all subject that has an “E-book” word would automatically skip the inbox and will go straight to the E-books folder or label.



C. Twitter


Do you have a twitter account? You better have one! I opened a Twitter account not for me to have many followers but for me to be able to read the latest news and discussions around the world. Before an articles or news gets published in print media the next day, that news is usually already available via Twitter. Talk about getting the news scoop.

So how do you make use of twitter to your advantage?

Just like using filter in your email, I categorize all the persons/institutions/twitter accounts that I follow.

Here’s a screenshot:

All the people/pages I follow in twitter are categorized by adding it to a list.

All the people/pages I follow in twitter are categorized by adding it to a list.

Because of this, if I want to read a quotation, I just need to go to the list of quotations. If I want to read news, all news sites are in one list. If I want to know the latest gadgets, I just go to the technology folder/list that I created.


When I choose the News List, all the News pages I follow will be shown in one page.

With this, you save time. And you get the news as fast as possible versus those published in Facebook news feed where you need to scroll down.


Tweets from all the members of the News List that I made.

Tweets from all the members of the News List that I made.


D. Reader Mode/ Download Pocket Application


The last tip that I want to share is the READER MODE.  I believe the reader mode is available in IPADs and in chrome browser in your android phone as well as Blackberry devices w/ OS 10 version.

What is reader mode?

Have you ever experienced reading an article with so many pictures on it and even advertisements? And while reading it, it seems that your device is also lagging or slowing down?

You don’t need to panic or be stressed about it, click the reader mode so that you’ll be able to read an article as simple and as neat as possible, with no advertisements and few images.

Just click the reader mode! By the way, I’m a blackberry fan so well, I use two blackberry  phones and here’s a screenshot:

When you are not in reader mode, you'll see many advertisement on top and below.

When you are not in reader mode, you’ll see many advertisement on top and below the news article just like above.

Now, after clicking the reader mode from my phone’s menu, here’s what it looks like:

No advertisements, simple and it focuses on the article alone.

No advertisements, simple and it focuses on the article alone.

But wait, what if you want to read an article but you don’t have the time to read it at this moment?

For this, I use the very powerful application called Pocket. Pocket lets you save an article online which you could read at a later time when you feel like you want to read it. It’s available for all Android and Apple users.

What’s the difference between a Pocket app and a bookmark? The difference is that articles you saved in the Pocket App could be read offline. Aside from that, reading the article from the app is like reading in a “reader mode,” where there are no advertisements and pop-ups. It’s like you’re reading a page from a book. Super friendly and super easy.

To know more about Pocket, click this link.


E. Schedule your Social Media time


Last but not the least, don’t let all these social applications direct your day to day activities. You should be the one in charge of your tasks everyday.

Checking your facebook news feed, twitter news feed and even reading your e-mails, should be scheduled. Find a specific time of the day that you will allot for these things. Do not let these things be on top of your priority every time you wake up in the morning or sleep at night.

Remember that managing our time is not our ultimate problem. It is managing our tasks well. So learn to list down things that are most important for you at the start of the day and STICK with it.

Don’t let these social media apps sidetrack you to your goal.



These are my 5 social productivity hacks. Mind sharing yours? Hope you learned something!


Featured Photo from: hangthebankers.com

What You Should Avoid this Christmas

Here are four things that I think you should really avoid this Christmas Season:


  1. Credit Card Dependence


If you will be shopping for gifts, I suggest you pay in cash so that you’ll realize the expense right away.

Avoid using your credit card if you don’t have enough money to pay for it in FULL come billing time. If you don’t want to bring cash, use a debit card instead.

Do not also be fooled to use your credit card just to earn bonus points or a free item. You will earn points but if you will just pay the minimum amount due of your credit card bill, the unpaid amount will also earn something. Not points but interest charges as high as 3.4%.


  1. Buy Now, Pay Later Promotions


In line with item number one, many credit card companies entice you with this promotion. It is really tempting but remember that paying later has many risks involved.

We don’t know if next year you would still have your job or if you’ll have an “immediate” emergency expense that needs to be settled first before your credit card’s outstanding balance.

For me, better pay NOW to avoid potential headaches come next year.