Here are four things that I think you should really avoid this Christmas Season:


  1. Credit Card Dependence


If you will be shopping for gifts, I suggest you pay in cash so that you’ll realize the expense right away.

Avoid using your credit card if you don’t have enough money to pay for it in FULL come billing time. If you don’t want to bring cash, use a debit card instead.

Do not also be fooled to use your credit card just to earn bonus points or a free item. You will earn points but if you will just pay the minimum amount due of your credit card bill, the unpaid amount will also earn something. Not points but interest charges as high as 3.4%.


  1. Buy Now, Pay Later Promotions


In line with item number one, many credit card companies entice you with this promotion. It is really tempting but remember that paying later has many risks involved.

We don’t know if next year you would still have your job or if you’ll have an “immediate” emergency expense that needs to be settled first before your credit card’s outstanding balance.

For me, better pay NOW to avoid potential headaches come next year.


  1. Rush Hour Sale


Make a list of the things you need to buy. Plan in advance to save time.

Rush hour sale and last minute shopping are very stressful not only because of the heavy traffic but because of the crowd inside the mall. You will need to fall in line and wait for you turn especially in the gift wrapping section. Instead of using your time in more productive activities, here you are spending it in long queues.

Aside from this, many bad people take advantage of this rush hour sale to snatch from you or to steal from you. This is especially true if you are too focused on the things that you are buying instead of your belongings.


  1. Unhealthy Food and Alcohol


Lastly, aside from gift-giving, what we look forward to during Christmas are reunions, parties, and big celebrations.

With these events, we cannot deny that we anticipate to eat tasty and delicious food, drink with our friends, and dance all night.

There’s nothing wrong in eating good food! But let us be aware of our food intake especially fatty foods that increases our LDL cholesterol or L-echon D-e L-eche Cholesterol. Let us also not drink too much alcoholic beverages. Remember that our health is our wealth.


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