May 11

Why Yesterday Does Not Really Matter

Why Yesterday Does Not Really Matter

May 11, 2020

Why Yesterday Does Not Really Matter

“The past has no power over the present moment.”
― Eckhart Tolle

I am a mindfulness speaker at Macquarie Community College and one of the things I learned from MIndfulness is that there should be a balance of how we looked at our past, present and future life.

Most of the time, we are unaware of what’s really happening “now.”

When we wake up, the first things that come to our mind is the things we ought to do (future) or the things that already happened (past) that’s holding us back.

Just for now, just look at where your thoughts at?

Is it here? 

I believe that what is holding back a lot of people to decide for what they should do “now” are the things they are chained to in the past or where they should be in the future.

When it comes to our finances, specifically, we tend to remember how we were not good at money, we tend to remember our debts that are already there. We identify ourselves with our past thinking that it’s “us.” Thinking that it’s who we are. We forget to understand that it was our behaviour but not ourselves.  And then we go from past to the future, daydreaming of what a good life would be. A life where you can do anything you like, a life where money will no longer be a problem. Or even thinking about how you can be this and that person. We then go on listing down everything we want and just that. We just dream and get stuck.

We are always caught up thinking what was and where we should be that we forget that “Today” is all we have and “Today” is where we can create something “new” and “different” in our life. We also forget to appreciate you as yourself “Today.” Appreciating who you are. Appreciating how far you have come and that you are enough. Most of the time, we either sabotage ourselves from our mistakes or trying to change ourselves to be someone who we are not without realising that the YOU that you are NOW is all that you need to accept and acknowledge.

For example, with your health, you keep coming back to how guilty you were yesterday for not eating the right food or not exercising. And because of this, you feel that “today” wouldn’t matter because yesterday, you messed up already. 

Or think about your relationships. Sometimes, we want to work things out, be a better person. Be a better spouse, a better son or daughter, a better friend. But we keep on focusing on what we can be, instead of what we can do “Now” to be this.

We are always caught up with what was and where we should be and then we forget to move and do something.

So today, I want you to focus on just being “today.”

It’s fine to remind yourself yesterday and in the future but I want you to just ask yourself this:

What can I do today at this moment that will make a difference in my life and my relationship?

How can “today” matter?

How can I “re-create” myself today to make it more meaningful than yesterday?

How can I be more “intentional” today to make my future a lot more achievable and realistic?

How can I be more “aware” of what I choose to do today?

Remember: Your mistakes yesterday are done. Your past does not define you. Your debts are in the past. 

Your future is still yet to be defined.

Today, you can choose a new you. A new course. A new beginning.

I want to remind you that today, you already have the resources you need to do something. You have the power in your hands NOW.

You can start somewhere that you already know and just do that.

Make this day count. You can do this. You can still choose to do something different because the truth is: Yesterday no longer matters.

It’s today that will count the most.

To being intentional and present,

Jennifer xoxo

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